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Brother Mechanical Sewing Machine

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Great for beginners.


I have owned the Brother Sewing Machine XL5600 for over 9 years. I am not an expert or avid sewer but use it quite frequently. I mostly use it for it's basic features but have expanded to some of it's special stitches. This sewing machine is great for beginners, or if you're like me, the moderate sewer. It gets the jobs done and done well. It has several stitch options and is straight forward in it's threading and features. If you're a beginner, you won't be overwhelmed with the extra features and if you're wanting to expand a little more in your sewing skills the other stitches and features are easy to learn. This machine has done well for me, easy to adjust thread tension once you learn how to do it, the instruction manual that comes with the machine is helpful in helping get the right tension. There are the usual features of a standard sewing machine as well: light, hand wheel, button for backwards stitching, and a removable section to be able to slip your item around the arm to sew. Overall this is a great beginners sewing machine. I have been very pleased with it.

Kansas City, MO


Brother XL-5600 Mechanical Sewing Machine


My wife received this sewing machine for free about a year ago. It works fine for the things that she does like sewing bags, or minor house projects. There are a whole bunch of setting on the sewing machine, but sometimes it seems like it has a lot of hiccups. She has been altering all of my dress pants by taking them in and by adding a cuff. Part of this might be her expertise level and part is the sewing machine, but it does strange loops sometimes and the needle has broken twice. This is a sewing machine that does get the job done, but do not buy this for the purpose of making clothes or doing fancy stitching. It is for a beginnner who is not making high quality items. One thing that is really nice is that it easy easy to thread the bobbin and she hasn't had problems with that. She has actually gone through some pretty thick fabrics with it in the past. I guess we're just frustrated right now because my pants are turning out.

Blackfoot, ID


Brother Mechanical Sewing Machine

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