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Brother Mechanical Sewing Machine

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Brother XL5700 fills most of my needs


I would say that I am 90% happy with my Brother machine.  It's very easy to use.  Easy to thread. Winding and threading bobbin are also easy.  I have occasional trouble with the tension setting.  It is not great to use on very thick or multi layered fabrics.  I tend to only use three stiches: straight, zig zag and button hole.  I don't actually know how to change to the second level of stitches...and I can't find my book to tell me how.  But honestly, the odds of me using those stitches are slim. 

Streetsboro, OH


This Brother Sewing machine is the best Christmas present ever!


This Brother sewing machine was a Christmas present from my husband.  I had always told him never to buy me anything for Christmas that had to be plugged in, but I am glad he didn't listen to me.  This machine is so easy to use.  I had never sewn before in my life, but with this Brother sewing machine, I have made quilt tops and wall hangings that look great.  I am no professional, but the quality of the stitches and the ease of use are what makes me proud to have this machine.

Rome, GA


Brother Mechanical Sewing Machine

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