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Brother Mechanical Sewing Machine

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Good machine for starters


I am just begining to sew.  The last time I sewed was when I had Home Ec in Jr. High.  It has been years and I am ready to start again.  I decided to get this machine because I saw a great sale on it and read some good reviews on it.  I also remember that they used Brother sewing machines on Project Runway so I figured it must be pretty good.  To start off I was pleasantly surprised.  It comes with 2 manuals.  I more simple one that is pretty sufficient and then a more detailed one that i have not really used much yet.  I probably will as I get more going on it.  It was very helpful to have the easier version.  Also I think so far that things are super easy and user friendly.  I know that I will need a more advanced version if I end up doing much more than I am now, but I don't think that will be for years and years.  I have loved this macine so much so far and am super happy with it.  I feel like it was a great purchase and I love it.

Kaysville, UT


Easy to use


First of all, this is my first time buying a sewing machine, but this machine is pretty user friendly overall.  I must admit I was somewhat intimidated by the whole process of getting it started, but the manual was easy to read.  I liked it because there were actually two manuals - one was a simplified version of the basic problems that people have while the other was the extended version.  I think this is a great idea.  I keep an the short hand copy on hand and I have filed the long version.  I also like this because the pictures are easy to follow.   Another feature of this sewing machine is a picture of the different types of stiches that you  can make so I can make all kinds of different stiches.  One thing abotu this machine that I would change is the compartment where you can keep extra bobbins and a seam ripper is where you have to change the bobbin.  It is a problem because whenever you change the bobbin, the compartment opens so the bobbins just spil out.  I don't store anything in there anymore so that would be my suggestion to the manufacturer.

Grand Rapids, MI


Brother Mechanical Sewing Machine

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