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Brother Mechanical Sewing Machine

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Easy to use!


I love my Brother XL-2230 Mechanical Sewing Machine! It is so easy to use, so lightweight to carry, user friendly. I enjoy using my Brother XL-2230 Mechanical Sewing Machine every opportunity that I have. I have restored my kids backpack zipper that became unsewed by itself?, I have made a cute towel set for my guest bathroom, I have hemmed my family room curtains in a few minutes. I have also made a pencil case for my daughter and used the buttonhole feature but it didn't work out to good, the button holes came out in two different sizes although I used the same button for the application?, something went wrong and I had done a test drive and it was great but I didn't happen, I ended up with two buttonholes in 2 different sizes and wasn't able to decipher it and I haven't had a chance to try to investigate waht went wrong at the time. I still love my Brother XL-2230 Mechanical Sewing Machine and will continue to explore its possibilities!



Sewing machine


I have used Brother sewing machines for twenty years and have always loved them, so when I decided to buy the Brother XL-2230 Mechanical Sewing Machine it was no surprise.  I find it trust worthy and very dependable no matter what I put it through.

Mount Pleasant, IA


This sewing machine is great for beginners.


I got this sewing machine as a gift when I was starting out.  I didn't know much about sewing,except what I learned back in high school.  However, I need almost all of my pants hemmed, and have had to do many alterations since I had my baby.  This sewing machine is good for beginners and it is easy to use.  The directions can be somewhat elusive, but if you youtube anything you can't figure out, it will be simple.  Some people are visual learners!  :)  I have had it jam a few times, but if I keep a steady pace, it seems to run smoothly.  

Clarksville, TN


Brother Mechanical Sewing Machine

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