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Brother Mechanical Sewing Machine

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a fine machine for light sewing needs


I bought my Brother sewing machine several years ago when I decided to become part of a quilting group. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, because I wasn't sure I'd be sticking with the group - like many occasional crafters, my enthusiasms tend to come and go! Although I'm still quilting, I haven't gotten a "better" machine, because this lightweight and portable model has been trouble free for me. I only use it for straight stitches and the occasional zig-zag (my idea of high tech!) - and I just can't see any reason to spend more money to buy an elaborate machine with lots of features that (a) I probably wouldn't use, and (b) increase the likelihood of mechanical or electronic problems. I loaned the machine to my neighbor recently,  and she was amazed at how easy it was to use. She and her husband had spent an hour with the manual for her machine just to figure out how the self-winding bobbin feature worked - and they never did get it right! If you plan to do heavy duty sewing, fancy embroidery, etc. then by all means invest in a "serious" sewing machine - but don't shy away from a low-cost, simple machine if your needs are simple too!

Portland, OR


Simple to use and does a fine job


I, like the other reviewer, bought this machine several years ago.  This was my very first machine and so far, it has been my only machine.  I am a novice on the sewing machine, so this was the perfect machine for me. This machine is easy to use and has been very reliable.  We have never had to have it fixed.  I use it several times a year to either make repairs, sew hems, curtains or pillows.  I have even made a dog bed! The manual that comes along with it is a blessing.  I refer to it each time I use the machine.  It just helps me be sure I am using it correctly.  The hardest thing for me it knowing what tension to use with what fabric.  I wish they gave example of the setting and fabrics. The machine is easy to thread - although they could have made the "arm" come up and out a little farther so that you could poke the thread through a bit easier.  I usually have to use the little screw driver to pull the thread out once I poked it through the hole. The bobbins are easy to wind and they wind consistently well. I do like the fact that you can remove the sewing platform so you can have a free arm for sewing cuffs and other closed items.  The guides are easy to read and the light is handy and bright. I have not been able to use the button holer yet - I have yet to figure it out. I have started my kids on it for simple projects.  It is such an easy, dependable machine, I think it makes a perfect starter and everyday machine.

Rockford, MN


Brother Mechanical Sewing Machine

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