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Brother MFC-9840CW All in One Laser Printer

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  My Husband and I got tired of paying so much money for the inkjet refills and decided to opt for a Laser Printer instead.  After doing MUCH research, we came across the Brother MFC-9840CW and saw that it had very good reviews.  My husband originally wanted a Lexmark but the reviews on the Brother MFC-9840CW were much better.  We found this one , which was a remanufactured printer, for about half the price of a brand new one.  We have had it for a total of about 8 months and so far it was been very good.  We have had a few paper jams but I am pretty sure it was somehow our own fault maybe we loaded the tray in a messy way or something.  It came with the 4 cartridges to get you started.  We replaced the black cartridge after only about 2-3 months but we replaced the colored cartridges after about 8 months.  The notice came on the screen that we were low on colored cartridges but it kept printing 3 months after the notice came up.  It finally ran out and I replaced the colored cartridges.  Overall the cartridges and printer is expensive, but so well worth it.  The printer is loud so put it in a place where you can make some noise.  We print wirelessly from our laptop as well as from the traditional desktop way.  Great printer!

Empire, AL


Brother MFC-9840CW All in One Laser Printer

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