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Brother Laser Printer

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The Brother HL-4070CDW is a decent printer


We've owned a Brother printer before and it proved to be a very good laser printer/scanner combination so when it came to get another printer product, the HL-4070CDW looked to be a good choice (minus the scanner ability). In terms of usage, we use this only on a personal basis, no business needs, and typically only requiring a maximum of a few pages at a time, sometimes using color, and having owned this one for about 2 years now. First of all, laser printers are a huge step up from ink cartridge based ones, and the HL-4070CDW continues to prove to me their superiority. They require less maintenance with the cartridges lasting significantly longer. Relative to two previous laser printers we've owned however, I would disappointing consider the 4070 to be just an average printer. This printer is technically the first *color* laser we have owned, but that is also where our issues have arisen. We are finding that the color does leave 'splotches' on the paper on a random basis, even when not using any color to print. This could be considered user error, however, this issue became apparent relatively soon after buying it, and we had not even had a need to change or touch the cartridges in any way. Since that time, we have, but the problem does persist every so often. Whether there is something inside that is dirty and causing this, we are unsure but it is the first laser printer to quicky develop issues and makes it difficult to recommend relative to others. What it does better however is that we have not had any paper jams as we did with one of our other printers. All considered, this is an average laser printer, which are leagues better than my experiences with short lived ink based ones. It has the advertised benefits of networkability and generally good printing, but there always seems to be something slightly off with a printer, whether it be the splotches or paper jams, but paying for the bonus of color print offs and in turn experiencing these issues makes this less worth while.

Seattle, WA


Fast printer, good quality, easy to troubleshoot


I'd recommend this printer to most people or businesses. The printing is fast and efficient. The refills happen infrequently enough to not get annoyed, and the refill cartridges are reasonably priced. Troubleshooting has been quick and easy with customer service or using the instruction manual. The printing quality is excellent. 

Nashville, TN


Brother Laser Printer

3.5 2