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Bright Starts
Bright Starts Musical Melodies Baby Bouncer

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good for big guys!


We loved this chair! Our twins both took turns using it. One of them was a very fussy baby that required a lot of stimulation - so the music and vibration were a must. Our other twin is a very big guy - this chair was one of the biggest we could find. It held him well until he was old enough to sit up on his own. The chair was very sturdy. The cloth held up well to washings. For the amount of time we used the music and vibration, it didn't eat many batteries.

Minneapolis, MN


Awesome bouncer


I got this bouncer back in 2007 for my first baby, I got it for my baby shower. I love the adjustable back it reclines and sits up, this is a great bouncer. After my first was to big for it I sold it. Then we decided to have another baby, and I searched for a while to find the exact same one cause I just loved it so much. When my second baby came I did happen to find another one. He also liked it.. When he got old enough to sit up he actually loved the seat. He would be able to sit up and throw himself back and bounce it himself he actually did it so much and hard he broke the frame. I called customer service and they were able to send me a replacement part even though the bouncer has been discountinued. Great product/customer care... Love the product.

Roseville, MI


The cutest chair!


OMG! The first fave memory with my son when he was a baby! He was almost 3 weeks old and a friend of a roomate gave this chair to me for my baby shower. One day I was about to start dinner but didn´t want to leave the baby alone in the crib while he wasn´t naping. And I remembered the gift. When it was ready, I seat my baby and then it happened: his first giggle following by a big smile! I was in tears and almost made me forget to get the camera to take a picture. I loved it because is very simple to assemble. You just need to sheathe the frame with the comfy case (wich has the belt attached) and then clip on the arc with the hanging toys and presto! You have a helpful tool when you´re busy. It has a little box with music and makes soothing vibrations (my baby fell asleep thons of times with this feature). Plus, it´s budget friendly! (I saw it later at the store). The only thing I would emphasize about it is that you can sit your baby in it ´til he´s (she´s) around 5 or 6 months old. You don´t need to worry about the toys because they hang securely and you can give to him (her) two of them because they´re chewable.

Houston, TX


Pretty, but not parent friendly


My review of the Bright Starts Musical Melodies Baby Bouncer isn't as favorable as some of the other reviews. My husband and I actually are not very fond of it at all. If we still had the box we would take it back for sure. There are several things we don't like about the Bright Starts Musical Melodies Baby Bouncer. First off, the head rest is moveable. While that may be something that some people like, I at least wish there was a way to temporarily attach it. We hate that every time we pick the Bright Starts Musical Melodies Baby Bouncer up that we drop that headrest. It would really be nice if there were some small velcro patches to keep the headrest in place. The second thing we don't like about the Bright Starts Musical Melodies Baby Bouncer is that the toy bar is way too easily removed. Again I wish there was some sort of locking mechanism to keep this bar in place. My husband and I always want to pick it up by the toy bar to move it around the house, but every single time we do the toy bar comes out of it's holder. The Bright Starts Musical Melodies Baby is very pretty, with bright and muted pinks joined together, but other than that there isn't much going for it. The vibrations and the songs are pretty standard to other bouncy seats.

Gate City, VA


I did not enjoy the Bright Starts Musical Melodies Baby Bouncer


I recieved the Bright Starts Musical Melodies Baby Bouncer as a gift from my baby shower. I really had high hopes for the chair as it really looked like a good product from the box. The color was attractive. It had a "feel me" part on the box, and it felt very soft. The toy bar looked cute as well. Well, we opened it up and started to put it together. We were following the instructions correctly until the end where it was kind of unclear on which way to put the bars together. Well, I put them in the wrong way. It has a way to take it back apart. The bad thing was when we tried to it broke. The little piece that holds the bars together broke off causing it to be impossible for the bars to connect back together and lock back in place. I was very disappointed with this. It really looked like a nice thing for my baby to have (soft, fun, etc.). I wound up returning it, and just getting store credit. I did not want to get another one because when my baby would have grown out of it I was scared that when I would take it back apart for storage that it would break on my again. Thanks, but no thanks.

Morgan City, LA


This bouncy seat is Okay...not great!


I got the Bright Starts baby bouncer as a gift for my third child.  First of all, the instructions were not clear and it's really better for a bigger baby who can support their neck a little better.  When my baby was really small, her neck would just roll around so we couldn't use it much.  It is cute and the vibration is nice, but the music is kind of annoying.  It doesn't really play a good variety of songs and my baby just seems a little annoyed by the music.  The toys are too high for the baby to play with too.  It's also pink so it can only really be used for a girl, which wasn't a problem for us, but for some people, that would work too well.  It is very easy to clean.  The seat cover comes off very easily and can go right into your washing machine.  We have washed it several times and it has not faded.  It actually made it softer and more likely for a baby to enjoy it.  I would recommend this to someone who already has a baby that's a few months old, but not for a newborn.

Newman, IL


You get to take a shower!


We got the Bright Starts Musical Melodies Baby Bouncer after our newborn decided he didn't like to swing. He wanted to be held all the time, and it was difficult to even use the restroom. He loved the bouncer and we were able to strap him in safely. He didn't mind sitting in the bouncer and playing with the toys in the bathroom while I showered. When he got tired we'd turn on the vibrate feature and he'd be asleep within a few minutes. We loved this bouncer!

Springfield, MO


Bright Starts Musical Melodies Baby Bouncer

3.7 7