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Breville VHB012 2-Speed Handheld Blender

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Great appliance


Recently, I signed up for a cooking class at our local upscale gourmet cookware store. For the first recipe we made, we used this Breville two speed hand held blender. I had not used this particular model prior to the class, and so I was anticipating evaluating its performance. Clearly, if my performance in the class resulted in a failure, it must be the equipment, right? Well, I am pleased to say that both my creation and the Breville blender turned in flawless performances. I loved this blender. During the various classroom sessions, I had the opportunity to use the various attachments, swapping them out as appropriate. All of them performed very well. At the end of the coursework, all of the students were given the opportunity to purchase this hand held blender at a discount. All of my peers, including myself, elected to do this because this equipment was such a joy to work with.

Sacramento, CA


Breville VHB012 2-Speed Handheld Blender

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