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Braun Tassimo TA1400 1-Cup Coffee Maker

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Great for tea and hot drinks, below average for espresso


The Bottom Line: If you think Keurig machines make good coffee, then this Tassimo machine will suit you fine. If you like a strong espresso, you can forget about this machine. But it works great for tea and other drinks like cappuccinos, Lattes, hot chocolate, cremas etc. Braun Tassimo's hot drink machine is great for making teas, hot drinks, and other non-espresso coffee, and has an unbelievable array of drink choices! But if you want a great, real Italian-style espresso, this machine will not satisfy you. Overall, this is a fun beverage maker, and I especially love how easy it is to switch from one drink to the next without any after taste. You can literally make a cup of tea right after having made a cup of hot chocolate. With a huge variety of drinks to choose from, most people will love how easy it is to make a drink with the push of a button. Brew Performance Tassimo makes great teas (and that are so many different types to choose from!), decent hot chocolate, great cappuccinos, lattes and cremas. It works best with beverages that do not necessitate a great espresso and can get away with an average coffee. I consider myself a bit of an espresso connoisseur, and would recommend this machine to anyone who does not care about getting a great espresso drink, but wants a wide variety of easy-to-make, fun hot beverages. Ease of Use This is a machine that is very user friendly, and can be used by just about anyone, kids included. Put the capsule in the slot, push down, pick your drink size, brew, your drink is ready in just a few seconds! Design The design could be improved: It is entirely too voluminous with that big rounded shape, and the water container is not always easy to align and will sometimes not stay in. I believe that their newer versions are better and have addressed that issue.



Favorite coffee maker with a couple minorflaws


I love this coffee maker but had a few issues that led me to buy the keurig. If I could return the keurig I think I'd go back to tassimo. Tassimo has a great variety of coffee and teas flavors and types. This machine just needs to be better equipped for larger cups and have a more stable water compartment. Brew Performance The options for the brewer are wonderful and it did a great job every time. Ease of Cleaning The brewer doesn't need much cleaning. The parts the do are easy to clean. Ease of Use You pretty much just put a pod in and push the button when ready. Can't be easier. Design The water compartment could be a little better. The placement in the back isn't very convenient to take off and on. It's also a little hard to click back on for some reason. The space for a coffee cup doesn't make sense. There is only room to make a small mug size but sometimes people want to use a tall mug or glass. You have to take off the drain/ overflow catcher to fit a larger cup.



Braun Tassimo TA1400 1-Cup Coffee Maker

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