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Bow Wow Pet
Bow Wow Pet Dog Bed

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our dog's favorite place to be!


We have a wire-haired miniature dachshund who loves his bow wow dog bed. Since he is such a small breed, we have the smaller variety of this bed and it is a great size for him. It's not unattrative so we can have it out but we also put it in his crate, where he sleeps at night and when we are out of the house. When we purchased this dog bed, it felt extremely soft which is what initially drew me to it. Since owning this dog bed, we have washed it MANY times and it is still very soft. I do think that it can get an icky pet odor fairly quickly, but I suppose that is true with all dog beds! It washes up well - comes out still soft but much cleaner and more fresh! We have seen that this is a very well-made product and one that my dog will enjoy for many years. And of course my family also loves it since our dog is happy sleeping on it, rather than up yipping in the night or fighting for space on the bed!

Columbus, OH


My Dog Loves Her Bed


My little Yorkie loves her new pet bed!  I purchased this for her about a month ago, becuase she loves beds that she can cuddle into.  This bed is very light wieght, but at the same time is sturdy enough for her to go around in her circles before she flops down.  She loves for me to move this for her from room to room so she can follow me around and still have her little bed to curl up in.  This is a small bed for small dogs, so if your pet is larger I don't think this is the bed for them, but if you have a small dog that curls up, it is perfect.  It has little "walls" around it, so the dog is not in the open on a flat type bed, she love to snuggle up around the corners in a little ball.  The bed is soft, although I do add a little baby blanket for her to curl up on.  I love the colors, you can easily leave this out in the open without bright colors not matching your interior.  Bottom line is she loves this bed, and I hope your pet will too.

Cypress, TX


the bow wow pet dog bed is wonderful


what i would like to say about this bed is that its wonderful and great for our little furry friends its easy to wash and tough like my dog chews on his bed and it hasnt made a hole yet all the other ones i try alaways end up with holes and fallind apart after not so long i think any pet lover would enjoy this as much as me and my dog has and it also is fashionable and blends in with my house its not one of those crazy colored beds like bright reds and rainbow colors were you dont want it to sit out or hide it every time some one comes to your house also its very easy to clean you can throw it in with anything instead of hand washin it be cause u might thk it will fall apart i would hav to say i have never seen a better more durable long lasting fashionable wonderful great estravigant bed as this one its just so wonderful and soft and my dog just loves it he lays in it all day and night he practiclally dosent move and he has back problems so if it hurt him or he felt uncomfortable he would whine and let me know so all i want to say is thank you for this wonderful bed!!!   your friend and loyal customer ,calico mouse

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Bow Wow Pet Dog Bed

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