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Boston Market
Boston Market Macaroni and Cheese

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Very creamy and tastes great!


My dad got me hooked on this macaroni and cheese when I was younger. He used to buy a Boston market dinner that had the macaroni and cheese as a side and I would always take bites of his. I was very excited to see a macaroni and cheese dinner by itself. These come in a very generous size and they are super easy to make in the microwave. I would say it tastes just as good as homemade. My daughters love the shape of the rotini noodles too.



Best frozen Mac and Cheese EVER


I could go on and on about this mac and cheese. It's just like the store version. It's creamy and it's ready in under five minutes. It tastes fresh and never frozen. In fact I think it's fresher than buying the macaroni and cheese and a boston market store, because you do not know when it was prepared and how long the food was sitting out. There is extra sauce in the container so it's not dry. All you need is their cornbread and you have a complete side. I have yet to try their other frozen meals, but if they are all as good as their mac and cheese then they might end up closing some of their stores! People will stay at home. Plus it's cheaper than their store and you save on gas. You can pick it up when you get your groceries. I eat them at work and it's very enjoyable. I recommend them to anyone that enjoys the Boston Market macaroni and Cheese, or any Macaroni and Chees for that matter.

Pompano Beach, FL


Boston Market Macaroni and Cheese

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