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Bose Headphones

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I settled on these around ear headphones. Sound quality is good, however you definitely will hear the right left speaker differences. Fits my head without fall backwards. Comfortable. Long cord is a benefit. For the money, this headset sounded better than the more expensive model and way better then the competitors in this price range. NO BATTERIES or CHARGING REQUIRED. Sound Quality These are not home speakers - so as a headset for general music listeners, iPod use - sound is good. Comfort Lightweight, comfortable. Design "Kinda" folds, comes with a CLOTH carrying case. Would prefer better fold in to a hard case. Durability Have not owned long enough to review the durability.

Thousand Oaks, CA


Bose is worth the extra cost


I listen to music a lot at home with headphones as both my husband and I work from home. I have gone through at least half a dozen sets over the last few years and finally settled on an unbrand set that fit over the ears. I have issues with my ears and my doctor recommended this style versus the earbud which I had been using. The cheap set was fairly comfortable but did not stay in place too well. Last Christmas, my Husband got me a set of Bose. Immediately I was amazed at how light and comfortable they were; and the fact that they were easy to size and stayed in place perfectly. The sound quality was far better than I expected even for a higher priced set of headphones. Over the first week of using them, I was amazed at the new sound from my old music. I listened to songs that I have been listening to for 20 years only to hear new subtle notes and sounds that I had never heard before. The clarity of each sound, each note and each instrument was far better than any type of sound system I had ever heard before. When I travel, I cram everything I can into a backpack to use as a carry on. Over the past six months, I have pack the Bose set dozens of times and never had an issue. They seem to be very durable and flexible. I keep them in the soft case that came in the original package and have not had any problems. Sound Quality Better than anything I have ever used. Comfort Even outside in a hot climate, the Bose are very comfortable and very light weight.

Gilbert, AZ


Comfy and clear


As far as over the ear headphones go, these are the best! The sound is clear and crisp. They are adjustable to fit any head size. They are comfortable. They do not pinch or crush ears. It helps block out noise in the v Background. I love that I can listen to music/watch TV without bothering my husband's sleep! Durability Just don't run over the wire with the lawn mower!

Newport, NY


Bose is Awesome


These headphones are really just awesome. I have been using them for about 2 years, and not easy use :). After two years, it really wasn't messing up or aging at all, but then my little brother came along and tore them up. But really these headphones are great, and WELL worth the price. 9/10 Sound Quality They sound just as good as "Dr. Dre's "BEATS"" Comfort very comfortable Design the design isn't as good as "beats" just pretty plain, but attractive Durability the inner ear is very fragile and the ear pad can easily come out, and is hard to put back in

Little Rock, AR


Bose Headphones

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