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Front Load Washers
Bosch Nexxt 800 Series Front Load Washer

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Works Well and Gets Clothes Very Clean


I really like this washer. You can do huge loads and it uses very little water. I also love the extra sanitary cycle. I use it for mildewey smelling towels and the dog's bedding and everything comes out so fresh. I don't like that you can't adjust the temperature settings on some cycles and I can't get the buzzer to stop going off when the washer is done' (whenever I turn it off it comes back on when I start another load). Otherwise we have been very pleased with this washer.



Washer is a workhorse


We purchased this washer awhile ago to replace a stackable front load washer by another brand. This washer has exceeded my expectations. I run 4 to 5 loads of laundry a day four days a week. This washer gets the clothes really clean, The washer has multiple settings to allow for a large variety of clothing/color loads. I especially like the extended power wash that gets jeans that are no longer blue, but brown/muddy (after my husband repaired our water line to the house) really clean. I thought I was going to have to throw the jeans out! I have never had to have a service call for the washer. My one complaints is that the amount of detergent one adds to a wash load is often a guess. One has to guage how dirty the clothes are, fabric type and fullness of load to correctly get the right amount of detergent. If one misses the correct guess the washer can oversuds. My recommendation is to place a overflow pan under the washer, but then again most contractors will tell you to do that anyway.. 

Springfield, OR


Stay away from Bosch Nexxt Washers, and there support/service.


Bosch Nexxt whasers. We purchased this washer 3 years ago and from the start it would destroy one clothing item a week.  We complained to customer support and our seller with NO resulst. At the 2 year mark it began eating the door seals, and by the 3rd year I am looking for a new washer because it is cheaper to purchase a new washer than continue purchasing new cloths and door seals. Customer did offer a 25% discount on door seals, but I can purchase them cheaper on line than with the 25% off.

Elk Mound, WI


bosch nexus 800 washer almost makes laundry wasy


Recently got a bosch nexus 800 washer and dryer, after having small whirpool stacker. Have to work on getting enough same load to fill drum, but I'm sure anyone with kids would reallly appreciate the size of the drum. Highly recommend getting the pedestals, not only to reduce bending and lost socks, but also huge drawers to store everything you need for laundry. Really glad I've got them, highly efficient and quiet

State College, PA


Bosch 800 washer - buyer beware of this item


We purchased the bosch 800 series washer and dryer and it was a big mistake.  We were looking for something name brand - sort of high end - read some reviews on the bosch systems like the high water temp for my sons wrestling cloths - so thought we were making a good solid purchase.  Well...we decided not to buy the pedastals (which was prob a mistake) so we put it all together hooked the machines up - threw in a load of towels (i also thought it was confusing to program) and the laundry started washing -  then we got to the spin cycle and the machine took off - literally.  Flying all over my laundry room - banging into the sink - my husband couldn't get control of was very bizarre and disappointing and the cloths took forever to wash we finally had to unplug it to stop it was re washing and shaking - prob about 2 hours since we put in a little extra soap - cloths dried OK - I'd say the dryer was OK - but the washer - forget about it in the very fast spin...its like it just takes off and dances - I was afraid to go anywhere aside from the laundry room afraid the hoses were going to pull out from the wall.  I'd say the pedalstals might have helped keep it in place...but the way that thing was shaking  - i really don;t know...I think its complicated to use along with the shaking during the spin cycle - I would say - i do not recommend this item (WASHER) dryer seemed to be OK.  Hope this helps....

Budd Lake, NJ


Bosch Nexxt 800 Series Front Load Washer

3.0 5