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Bosch Mixxo Cordless Hand Blender and Chopper, Food Processor

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More counter space


Bosch Cordless Hand blender is a really great multi-purpose solutions for most of your appliances. It can actually eliminate at least 3 of your appliances and free up a good amount of counter space. The Bosch is quite a bit bigger than I had expected. That was a bit of a disappointment. I somehow though it would resemble more of a stick sized blender. My main purpose for purchasing it was to blend different batters for cakes and breads. The blender has a powerful motor and it isn't very noisy either. It is simple to use for the most part - the tricky part comes in when you first start to use it. You will need to operate 2 buttons on the front panel and keep them pressed in for a while. Once you've started it you can let it go and it can operate on it's own. I also came with several different attachments. Personally I find the chopper to be quite helpful when making quick family dinners. The blender did not come with a cook or recipe book. It did come with a limited warranty though. There really isn't anything that I don't enjoy about it - other than it's size. Ease of Assembly Very quickly



Cordless convenience


I like my Bosch Cordless Hand Blender and Chopper. I purchased it at a wholesale club in my area. Because of the inexpensive cost, I didn't expect much out of it. Although I haven't had much experience with the blender aspect, I use the chopper quite often. The chopper works very well. The ease and convenience is unremarkable. The small blades chop even the largest and hardest nuts into just the right size for recipes and dishes. Because the blender and chopper is cordless, cleanup is a breeze. I just stick the bowl, cup and blades in the dishwasher and wipe the wand down with a warm cloth after each use. It certainly makes cooking a little easier and lot more enjoyable.

Raymond, MS


Bosch Mixxo Cordless Hand Blender and Chopper, Food Processor

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