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Bosch Dishwasher - Evolution 300

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The use of this dishwasher is just overall perfect. When the machine is on, it is very quiet. No spots on the glassware. Washing is fast. Uses less electricity. Has many cycles to work with. Even your dirtiest pots and pans come out spotless. I haven't seen any dishwasher clean as good as this one. Noise Level Very little noise. You can not notice it on. It's really quiet. Cleaning Time Faster then my clothes washer. Before when I had my old dishwasher it took two loads to clean and finish in my washing machine. Now one load of laundry and the dishwasher is through with cleaning and drying the dishes. The time I save here is great. Loading Flexibility So much you can add to the dishwasher not only dishes. Has great interior room for big items such as pots, pans, bowls or whatever you have large. Performance Works so good. Leaving time for other things to do. Design Such a great looking machine to add in the kitchen. It use to be the Kitchen cabinets and the counter tops that showed off the kitchen. The appliances are the main attraction. So easy to clean as well. Durability Built tough.

La Grange, IL


Bosch diswasher


This is by far the best dishwasher I have ever owned. Noise Level This is the quietest dishwasher Ever!!! Loading Flexibility The dishwasher is limited with how you can configure the top rack but that's not a concern for me. You cannot move the top rack, like in other high end Boshs' Durability Love the stainless steel interior and no coil to ruin plastic stuff.

Watertown, WI


Bosch Dishwasher - Evolution 300

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