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Front Load Washers
Bosch Axxis Front Load Washer

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Great for small spaces


This is an amazing washer. I have had it for many years and I have never had any problems with it. I live in a small apartment in NYC and this washer easily fits in my small closet. Despite it size I can add big loads to it. I can easily add flannel sheet, a duvet cover, four pillow cases and a fitted sheet from a King Size bed. The machine has many settings, including one for small loads which is great for delicate washes. It also has a hand-wash setting which I love. I have many delicate sweaters which are labeled dry-clean, but I just throw them in on hand-wash with some Woolite and they all come out perfectly fine. Just don't forget to buy HE soap because otherwise you fill have suds all over the floor.



Bosch Washer


This washing maching is amazing and wonderful.  I clean lots of clothes during the week and this machine makes my life so super easy.  I have put very dirty clothes in this washing machine and they come out looking like new with little or no effort.  I have also found that I use quite a bit less detergent than I have in the past using other washing machines.  I really like the spin cycle on this model as well.  It spins the clothes so dry that when putting the clothes in the dryer, one would think that they have already been dried!  It takes half the time to dry the clothes after using this washing machine than it would if I used another brand.  I can't speak more highly of this washing machine and hope that this review helps others to try the brand and model out for themselves.  I promise, they won't be dissapointed if they buy it.  It is well worth the money and it saves a lot of energy too!

Vero Beach, FL


Top Quality


I love my Bosch Front Loader. Would not own anything else. It saves me money on water,detergent.gets my clothes really clean without wearing them out. I have no odor because I dry it out when I am done and always leave the door slightly open. Its a great value!

Jasper, IN


it does it's job, but still could be better


I recieved this washer when I purchased my home so I don't know the price but it does seem like a cheaper, less quaility front load. I do like the look of it and it does what it needs to do, just not at the pace I need it to go.

Elizabeth City, NC


Soooo slow


We purchased a Bosch Axxis at the recommendation of a designer who assisted us with a total home remodel (we moved out of our home for 9 months).  We selected mostly high-end appliances when we did the remodel. The Bosch washing machine has been a disappointment not becuase of quality issues but mostly due to operational concerncs.  My biggest complaint is the length of time that it takes to do a load of wash.  Even the quick cycle takes over 30 minutes.  The second annoyance is the fact that, once the wash cycle is started, you cannot open the door to add an item that you forgot to put in.  That has been frustrating. I also have a concern about how the interior is designed.  There is a large rubber insert surrounding the opening and, after a wash cycle is completed, some moisture remains in the rubber insert.  I have tried to leave the washer door open to dry it out, but even doing that has not averted the mold that has gotten in the crevice of this rubber molding.

Indian Wells, CA


Bosch Axxis Front Load Washer

4.0 5