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Boppy Luxe Pillow

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As a breastfeeding mom, this pillow is average.


When I was pregnant with my first baby, the only breastfeeding pillow I was aware of was the Boppy pillow.  It is in all of the pregnancy magazines and baby magazines.  I ended up buying one and then I bought a slipcover for it as well.  For one thing, if you have a bigger waist, it ends up not covering much of the sides of you.  One item that I've done is that I turn the pillow sideways like a "C" in order to nurse the baby on one side.  It does support the baby so that the baby is closer to the level of the breast for breastfeeding in the football hold for me.  My baby does not like the football hold on one side and it seems like the baby keeps slipping off of the pillow even in the "C" shape.  This may or may not have anything to do with the pillow, but it seems that if there is a pillow for breastfeeding, it should work for both sides.  The pillow is good for propping the baby up so there are others uses for it.  It just seems that as a breastfeeding pillow, especially if you are larger waisted, I would go with a pillow like My Brest Friend instead.  Ease of Cleaning Buy the Boppy cover and it's easy to take off the cover and wash it because many babies spit up.

Carmel, IN


Great for every mom, nursing or not!


When I had my oldest daughter, I had decided to try breastfeeding out for a while.  I had heard so many good things about the boppy that I decided to get one myself as a breastfeeding help.  I ended up buying the Boppy Luxe Pillow because it was so soft and comfy, and I wanted my baby (and myself) to be as comfortable as possible during feeding times.  During the nursing stage, the boppy luxe worked wonderfully.  It helped having something to lay my daughter on so that my arms weren't tired, and because of the shape of the pillow, it stayed in place and held my daughter perfectly. After about 6 weeks of nursing, I decided to start bottle feeding my daughter.  I thought I wouldn't be using the boppy anymore, but I was wrong.  I started using the boppy whenever I woke up in the middle of the night to feed my daughter.  I would place it around me and put her on it and feed her.  It was a nice support when I was so tired.  When my daughter was a couple of months old, I would put the boppy on the couch and let her sit up in it (with me right there, of course).  It would support her head as she looked around. So whether you are going to be a nursing mom or one that bottle feeds, the boppy luxe really is a nice, versatile pillow to have. Comfort I would pay more for the luxe because it is just so much more comfortable! Ease of Use It makes nursing really easy especially at night when you are so tired!

Bellevue, NE


The #1 item all moms should have, Nursing OR NOT!!!


I suggest the Boppy pillow to any expectant mother. When asked what the main items are that I couldn't live without, my #1 item is the Boppy. Yes, I am a breastfeeding mom, but I found SO many uses for this wonderful pillow that didn't have anything to do with feeding. I had a c-section, so found it kinda hard to use in the beginning for nursing, but man, when I was able to use it, HIP HIP HOORAY. My back ached less and my daughter seemed much more comfortable. Yes, we could have adapted just fine without it, but why?!?!?! My husband found it wonderful for feeding from a bottle as well, plus it was wonderful when we held her while she napped. I also used it to lay her in next to me while I watched tv, paid bills, etc. My daughter also starting sitting up pretty early, which was attributed to most likely, using the boppy on a daily basis. When she did start sitting, we used it to comfort her falls when she fell over. She just turned a year and we still use it. I use it for a neck pillow when laying on the floor, she loves to sit and crawl on it, and my older nephews like to use it for a pillow as well. So, in my opinion, this is one great asset!!

Bethany, OK


The BEST for breastfeeding!


I bought the product when I was 9 months pregnant, and starting using it the day that my family arrived home from the hospital where we had our daughter. Being a first time mom I wanted to make sure that I had everything that I needed so that everything would be as simple as possible, and this product was AMAZING for that. I used this pillow for everything it seemed. I used it right after giving birth to sit on to relieve pressure, for breastfeeding (ALL the time), for teaching my daughter to sit up on her own, for Daddy when I pumped and he fed her, for her to cozy up while I relaxed in bed, the list goes on. I used it for 13 months for breastfeeding, until my daughter decided that she could handle it all on her own. I would HIGHLY reccommend this product to anyone whether they're breastfeeding or not. This was THE best thing that I used while my daughter was young....get one, you'll be glad that you did!!!

Peru, ME


A Mommy's favorite pillow


This pillow is so useful! I have 2, one that stays at home and one I leave in the car for when we're away from home.  It works great to support the baby when breastfeeding, to support the baby that is learning to sit up, and for baby tummy time.  I also think it works great as a neck pillow for tired parents.  I like that the cover can be taken off for washing and that there are a variety of designs available.  I buy these as a shower gift for all my friends who are expecting!

Hutchinson, KS


Dude...a must have for all nursing mothers!"


My wife (who I must say is an EXCELLENT mother) has testified that she cannot imagine nursing a baby without this implment.  It especially comes in handy when one is tired in the middel of the is so perfect.  It is soft, snuggly, and easy to utilize.  It ought to be deemed a necessary component of a new mother's "tool kit."

Deridder, LA


Don't use it as often as I have hoped I would when I bought it.


People raved so much about a boppy, so I put it on my list of things to get. Many said it was a "life saver" for them. But when I feed my baby I actually feel more comfortable holding her the old-fashioned way, so I don't use the pillow for feeding the baby. But it was indeed a life saver when my older son wanted to hold the baby. The boppy made it comfortable for him and was a great help with sibling bonding. Other than that we rarely use it right now, though I plan to use it more when my baby gets a little older to support her when she is sitting. All in all, I didn't really need it and probably would have bought it if I had known it wasn't going to be used much. However, if you feel a nursing pillow will be helpful to you, but you wish to save money, has a great alternative to a boppy, with a harness added to hold the baby when he/she is using it for sitting support. (The harness folds and hides into a pocket and attaches to either side of the pillow with velcro.)

Grand Saline, TX


Nice to have a boppy this time around!


I'm a mother of 4 and didn't have a boppy until #4. I wouldn't say I couldn't live without it, but it did come in handy. I only used it nursing for the 1st couple of months (after that it just got in the way). But I also used it to sit the baby in. I'm not sure she sat up any faster than normal, but it kept her from falling over and hitting her head on the wood floor. So I didn't need to "hover" as much.

Clark Fork, ID


The Boppy Luxe Pillow is a top 5 necessity!


The Boppy Luxe Pillow is a top 5 necessity! After loosing our house to a fire, loosing everything and no insurance we relocated and soon after had a baby. We have had foster kids and our kids and the Bobby Luxe Pillow was one of only a couple things I sincerely wanted and needed for the arrival of our new baby. Outside of the necessary infant carseat this ranks right up there in necessity!! I could work handsfree online at my computer with the baby on my lap on the boppy. When they are newborn and spit up to much you can have them nap on it elevated so they dont choke on their spit up. Even as older kids they seem to not want to part with it cause the cover is so soft and pink and my girls like using as a back support on the bed while reading or watching tv or using it for their dolls while pretend playing. The Boppy Luxe Pillow is one baby item I havent donated and have held on to just for the chance what if we have another baby I just know I will want it as a main necessity so here it stays and being recycled by the little girls in new ways in the meantime.

Tulsa, OK


More than just a pillow


This is a definite must-have for any mom/baby! Whether or not you plan to nurse, this pillow is so versatile. I first started using it to nurse, as it provides support pretty much 360-degrees around your waist (although I found that I sometimes had to use an additional pillow under baby's head for him to reach). Even when not nursing though, I used this to rest baby on, and for head support. It's the perfect support angle for watching a mobile or looking out the window. I also love how plush the cover is, and how amazingly easy to clean it is! It zips right off and goes into the washing machine, coming out looking and smelling brand new. I also appreciated the fact that it was durable...10 washes later it still looked brand new (and trust me, you will wash it many times in those first few months!). The only attribute I didn't enjoy about this pillow is just that it's large and cumbersome. There's no easily way to storage it, but to just hide it somewhere!

Longmeadow, MA


Boppy Luxe Pillow

4.5 33