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Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispenser

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The boon spoon is so convenient!


I found this product with my 3rd child and wondered why I didn't have it sooner! It is so convenient to use for on the go feeding of baby cereal, baby food and yogurt. All you do is add the food to the container, screw on the spoon top and then squeeze the desired amount of food onto the attached spoon and feed your baby! It even comes with a cap over the spoon so no food leaks as you travel with it and it keeps the spoon clean. Every time I use it, people ask me about it and where I got it. No more hauling jars of baby food plus a spoon and even a bowl around. This product has all features needed (except maybe the bib!). The only problem I found with it is that when you get to the end of the amount of food you added, it's hard to get it to come out so you have to tap it a little to get the rest of the food to come to the spoon area. But really other than that it works wonders!

Spring, TX


Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispenser

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