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Bonne Bell
Bonne Bell Lip Smacker 100% Natural Pink Guava Lip Balm

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I Love My Bonne Bell Pink Guava Lip Balm!


I was at a local drugstore of mine, and I was going through the cosmetics. I was at the lip balm section of the store, and I saw this. I thought it would be just like the other Bonne Bell lip products, which are mostly for kids. I got this thinking that it wouldn't work too well, but I was wrong! This really moisturizes my lips! It works good for summer and winter, and it moisturizes makes my lips really soft. It also makes them smell really good. I like how this smells, it's very fruity. The packaging is also cute too. I also like how smooth this lip balm is! I put it on my lips and it's pretty slippery, which I like. I also like how these are all natural! They're paraben free so that means they're not bad for you! I can use this and not have to worry about harmful chemicals being in it. Also, I like howt this isn't tested on animals! I'm very against animal tested products, and this is a great product I can use! I suggest this for women of all ages! It's not just for little girls!

Las Vegas, NV


Bonne Bell Lip Smacker 100% Natural Pink Guava Lip Balm

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