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Body Mint
Body Mint Body Mint

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Body Mint confidence!


Miss Hawaii gestured to me, come closer---okay. She leaned in to chirp "This totally helps my breath." Uh..."How nice for you! Umm, can I have my sample?" Wait a minute! Was that a HINT?! Armed with my free 2 week supply, in addition to my friend's 2 week supply that he'd passed on to me, I faithfully took Body Mint the prescribed 2x a day. I have to say---it looks weird! It's 100% natural so it's a green tablet that immediately brings to mind that word "chlorophyll" {remember Biology class?} The ingredients---thank God--mention that so my schooling did work! All weirdness aside, this WORKS!!! It claims to "minimize breath, underarm, foot, and perspiration odors" before they even begin. Now I work in retail. I live in Hawaii. My job requires me to wear hosiery, and I prefer leather shoes, so yup...in a word, my feet stink! If you're not familiar w/ Hawaii's customs, we take our footwear off before going in to someone's house. I've definitely been embarrassed. After a mere month of using Body Mint I could tell the difference! Now I gladly pay for the product---and even with the price increase over the past year, it is so totally WORTH it!!!

Honolulu, HI


Body Mint Body Mint

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