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Bodum Shin Bistro 10600-16 French Presses

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Wonderful coffee maker!


It took us several tries to get the right ratio of water and coffee and how long to let it set before plunging and all. But once we got it down, we have been very satisfied with this coffee maker. A word of caution, French press is made for people who drink STRONG coffee I think. The coffee from this pot will "put hair on your chest" so to speak. But that is just how I like it. One complaint is that the coffee is a little sludgy and it leaves a thick sludge in your coffee cup at the bottom. If you refrain from shaking or stirring it too much while you are drinking you hardly notice. You just rinse it out when you are done. Brew Performance Pretty good with the exception of the sludgy stuff. It hardly leaves any actual granules in your cup and makes good strong coffee. I also like the fact that you can take it anywhere. As long as you have hot water, you can make coffee. Great for people interested in "going green". Ease of Cleaning Can't get any better than dishwasher safe! Ease of Use Not bad, but it takes some getting used to. Design Never a crack or shatter! Durability We have never tested it by throwing on the tile floor, although its bound to happen someday just because we are clumsy, but everything seems like it is made to last.

Oklahoma City, OK


Bodum Shin Bistro 10600-16 French Presses

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