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blue star ointment
Blue Star Ointment

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Not for me.


I will never forget the first and last time that I tried Blue Star Ointment. I had some type of chiggers or something all over my stomach and arms that made me itch terribly. I was at my aunts house at the time and she had some of this in her medicine cabinet that she just knew would made me feel better. After a few minutes of having this on I started burning really bad and it started to be intolerable. We washed it all off as quick as we could, but it had already "burned" me. I'm not sure why it did not agree with my skin, but it didn't and it was horrible. I was almost completely red all over my skin where the ointment had been. I went from itching to burning and sore. I never used the ointment again. I would still say you should try it for yourself because everyone's skin is different. I would just suggest to get a small area of skin at first instead of going crazy with it and applying it all over at first like we did.



psoriasis skin will benefit from blue star ointment


k mart carries is as does some pharmacies.  it is great for psoriasis.  i use it on my elbows, hands, legs and eyebrows, scalp and ears. it will burn at first and your skin will redden but it is worth it. it is not too intense a feeling. leave it on and enjoy the soothing moisturizing effect. when you wash it off before bed your skin will be smooth.  you can use it with occlusion (i use bread bags and open the end and slide it up my arm or leg and secure the ends with masking tape.  i once used saran wrap but it became expensive.)  when i do the occlusion it is at night and in the morning shower the old psoriasis showers off and i have smooth skin for a few days.

Crofton, KY


Blue Star Ointment

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