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Dry Dog Food
Blue Buffalo
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Large Breed Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food

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Not worth the price


I really thought I had done my homework with chosing a puppy food for the new family puppy. We got a weimaraner and they have allergy and food sensitivity issues so we wanted to give him the best. It gave our dog horrible gas and huge stools. If you puppy is getting what he needs nutritionally from the food his stools should be smaller because of less watse and this was not the case. I wanted to stick to something that was not all corn fillers and by products and this was but didnt like the effects for the dog

Peoria, IL


If you can't eat it why feed it to your dog?


RIght now I have two jobs - my favorite of which is my job at which I work with animals.  I am a pet specialist who has been trained to be an expert on all different types of animals.  To be honest I love animals but I get upset when I see so many animals out there not being cared for properly, which is one reason I joined this site to help educate.  Blue buffalo (BB) dog food is one of the best lines out there.  I understand that one specific brand of food is not going to work for every single dog - but at the same time if you aren't feeding your dog BB then please feed them something that is good.  Not all dog foods are necessarily going to harm your dog - but is it best!!!  Look at the ingredient!!!! I completed 3 years of nursing school and work for 4 in the nutrition department of a hospital counselling people on their nutrition - people don't digest CORN so WHY would your dog!!!  Its not helping them!!!  BB is made w/p corn, wheat, and a whole bunch of other stuff.  It is human grade so you can eat it - don't know that it would be appetizing but none the less you could.  Anyway BB is a wonderful product - some people complain it gives their dogs loose stools - but you must use the product with knowledge - when changing dog food you cannot do it cold turkey it should be a 9-10 day process (75% old food 25% new food for 3-4 days, then 50/50 for 3-4, then 75/25 for 3-4 and then 100% new food).  Loose stools happen specially if you have had your dog on a cheap food.  Using premium dog food should end up saving you money in the long run - on vet bills.  Other foods with additives and what not are one of the leading causes of cancer in dogs!!! So do your dog a favor and switch to a better food!!!  BB is highly recommended by so many!!!

Phoenix, AZ


my puppy loves it


i have tried a few high end puppy foods for my english mastiff blue buffalo seems to be the winner in our house i don't even have to add any other wet foods to the dry.. my 5 year old english mastiff is now enjoying it as well my puppy seems to be growing very nicely from it he's growing at the right speed his weight it just perfect for his age and his muscles are well formed i have recommended this product to my fellow pet owners

Pennsauken, NJ


Makes my dog's poop soft


I know this dog food is suppose to be really good for animals, and it's probably just my dogs weak stomach or something. But I have a 1 year old bull mastiff. And we started her out on Blue Buffalos Large breed puppy food. We had her in and out of the vet for about a month because her stool was soft. It was not diarreha, just soft. Finally, we switched her food to Royal Canine and now she doesn't have any problems.

Douglasville, GA


Blue Buffalo LG Breed Puppy


I am the proud owner of 2 Akita pups, well 7 month old pups.  Whenwe brought them home from the breeder we were given about 2 cups of Puppy Chow,  which I handed back to them.  We started them off with Eucanuba Lg Breed and they did very well.  I started doing a litttle research on dog food and thought that I would give BB a try.  I bought my frist bag at about 3 months and mixed it with the Euk for aout three weeks.  Want to talk about runny stool,  it was awful.  Every time the dogs would go poo it was explosive, I mean jet stream poo.  But, I waited it out, about 2 weeks later the stool firmed up.  During the last 5 months we have had to put up with GAS, must be the sweet potatos, but keep ceiling fans on and it is not too bad. Bottom line, the dogs love the food, growth rate has been very steady, coats are shinnier than any other dog I have ever seen.  Vet even wants to know what kind of food they are eating, says they are beautifully built and very muscular.  Only problem I have with BB is that 30lb is the largest bag they sell, and I have to make a weekly trip to the pet store for food. If you want our dogs to be the best they can, use this food, deal with the adjustments it gets better.  Your dog will love you for it.  

Oliver Springs, TN


My dog use to love this product!!! Great food...


I use to buy this product when my dog use to be a puppy, she loved it, it is very healthy compare to allot of other brands, my dog gets more energy- seems to be more healthy & happier. I will continue to buy this product. Blue Buffallo is what you call "good dog food", everything about it is healthy- the first 3 ingredients is what every pet owner should look at.

East Hartford, CT


Great food- may not be for every dogs tummy!


My 9 month old golden retriever has been on Blue Buffalo large breed puppy since he was about 5 months old. While I do love the food, and he seems to as well, we have had some issues with soft stool since it is so rich in nutrients. He seems to be "firm" now..but we do go through our bouts where I wonder if it may be too rich for him. Hopefully we don't have any other issues.

Jacksonville, FL


nutritious puppy food


we recently purchased a new puppy.  Brandie is a St. bernard (now 12 weeks old)  this is our 7th st. bernard so we know their eating habits but we were looking for something a little different than the purina one we have fed to our other sts. in the past.  after an exhausting research & speaking to dog experts we decided to go with the Blue Bufalo Large Breed Puppy formula.  it is an organic dog food made healthy ingredients.  it is expensive but worth it.  it agrees well with Brandie.  the vet says she is in great health & gaining between 5 & 10 LBS per week.  she enjoys the taste & does not need any other dog food with it.  i do give her eggs, cottage cheese & lean ground meat as a treat but it is not actually needed.  i did give her a small amount of avoderm canned food but it did not agree with her stomach.  this is also a good product but the avocado oil may have been to rich.  anyway, i can't say enough about the Blue Buffalo.  it  works well for Brandie & we have a healthy, happy puppy.

Muncie, IN


Only food my puppy would eat


When we got our puppy last year, we tried two different foods recommended by our vet. After about a month or two, she quit eating each of them. She also had constant ear and eye problems. When we did some research and discovered the problems may be from allergies, we found Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy Food. We ordered a free sample from their site and she, for the first time, stood over her bowl and ate all the food in one sitting! So we immediately went out and bought a 30 lb bag of it. She sometimes still takes her time eating, but she always eats it all. And her ear and eye problems cleared up within a week of switching to Blue Buffalo. It is more expensive than other brands and has limited availability, but it is well worth it. Plus, it is all natural and I can feel good knowing what she is eating.

Galloway, OH


Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Large Breed Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food

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