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Blue Bonnet
Blue Bonnet Margarine

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It is healthier then butter


My family has always used blue bonnet margarine. when i moved out of my parents house i was on a tight budget so blue bonnet was usually what i bought for all of my needs. the price is very reasonable. blue bonnet has a great Creamy taste and is easily spreadable so I like to eat this on my breads and muffins. Blue bonnet margarine also has lower amounts of trans fat then butter and it has no cholesterol. Seems like it is a healthier choice.



Blue Bonnet Margarine


There are many types of margarines out there on the market and one of them that has been on the market for many years is Blue Bonnet margarine. The picture of a lady wearing a blue bonnet is on the upper corners of the front of every box.. hence the name, Blue Bonnet. Blue Bonnet is a margarine that works well no matter what you are using it for. From Breakfast to supper, to baking and snacktimes this works for those everyday occassions.Each box is a 1 pound box and inside the box you will find 4 single sticks of margarine wrapped in a silver foil to keep each seperate and fresh.Each stick has markings on the outside of the silver foil to show you measurements of a stick. **Nutrition: **Serving size of this margarine is 1 Tablespoon.Calories per serving is 70 with the calories of fat is at the same amount of 70.Saturatiaded fat and Trans fats are at 1.5 grams.Polyunsaturated and Monosaturated fats are both at a 2.5grams.Cholesterol comes in at zero, Sodium is 125 mg, Carbohydrates and Protein is zero. **This product contains Milk and Soy.** **Made in the USA.** **This is a product of ConAgra Foods, Inc. **Made in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Blue Bonnet Margarine

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