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Blue Ant
Blue Ant - Supertooth II Bluetooth Headset

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it is great super clear works with ps3


I love this I bought it for my brother about seven months ago and it was very well priced not much for something of this quality i was going to get one for myself but i did not because my brother uses it for the ps3 but when he is not using it i link it to my phone and it works great.  it stays put and it comes with extra ear muffers or those things that go in the ear it feels great sometimes it feels so natural that you can forget you are wearing it, if no one talks to you while you have it on. Small size and shape that make it less noticeable to others when you wear it, although if someone talks through it it will blink a blue light and that will let you know that it is on. To charge it charges pretty fast and it gives you 50 hours of talk for only two hours that it takes to charge completely. the bluetooth can also be alternated from one side to the other with the same confortabilty!! you are going to love it, espcially if you are a gamer. Sound Quality so clear its like the person is right there with you

New York, NY


Blue Ant Supertooth II Bluetooth Headset - Great!!!


I purchased the Blue Ant Supertooth II Bluetooth Headset for my husband as a gift. He is a salesman and is in his car a lot. He is very satisfied with his headset. He clips it on the visor and it works very well. As the other review mentions sometimes it does sound like he is talking in a tunnel on my end. However I think that might have something to do with the volume setting. Over all this is a great product. I would recommend it to everyone especially if you drive a lot. It is safer with both hands on the wheel.

Gboro, NC


The unit is light, portable, and is easy to hear.


I have the unfortunate (or fortunate depending on your point of view), circumstance of having to carry two Bluetooth enabled Smartphone's, only one of which I can connect to my Motorola Bluetooth headset.  So I had to choose which one to connect; I chose my new *BlackBerry 8300* series phone, which left my *Palm Treo 700W* out in the cold without a wireless headset to call its own.  Most of my calls are made and received in the car where I spend far too much of my time, so I wanted a new Bluetooth-enabled device, one with a speakerphone.  My search led me to the **Blue Ant Supertooth II Hands-Free Wireless Speaker Headset**. The **Blue Ant Supertooth II **is a Bluetooth microphone/speakerphone that offers up to an astounding 800 hours of standby time and up to 20 hours talk time, from a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The best thing about **Blue Ant Supertooth II **is the zero installation cost; the unit attaches to the cars sun visor with magnetic clips located on the underside of the body.  This makes the **Blue Ant Supertooth II **portable (it ships with two sun visor clips).  **Use** After charging the battery for 24 hours (recommended), I mated the **Blue Ant Supertooth II** to *Palm Treo 700W* without a problem; the excellent mini manual helped.  Thereafter I was able to make and receive calls via the rather large unit.  The **Blue Ant Supertooth II **is turned on by a small control arm which also houses the microphone; a small blue blinking LED lets you know that the unit is on.  A separate LED blinks red and yellow when charging, but then changes to yellow when charging in complete.  The **Blue Ant Supertooth II** is fitted with a large speaker in the back of the unit which is very easy to hear even over road noise.  A small volume control knob is fitted near the speaker, while a small AC adapter receptor port is fitted in the front of the unit and a headphone jack is placed of the left side of the unit.     ** **    **   **     Once turned on the **Blue Ant Supertooth II **will act just like a conventional** **Bluetooth headset; e.g. it will pick up incoming calls and activate once a call is placed.  Reception is exceptionally good; calls can be heard loud and clear.  On the other end reception is good as well, though on occasion I have had to speak loudly in order to be heard, and on one call my brother told me it sounded like I was in a tunnel.  I don't know what to blame for the effect; iffy cell reception, or the connection between the phone and the **Blue Ant Supertooth II.**       All and all I am quite pleased with my new **Blue Ant Supertooth II** I like the transportability of the unit, quality of the reception-at least on my end-and the zero installation functionality; the magnetic clip is quite ingenious.  And the up to 800 hours of standby time and 20 hours talk time just cannot be beat.                

Aurora, IL


Blue Ant - Supertooth II Bluetooth Headset

4.7 3