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Blinc Kiss me Eyeliner

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Blinc Kiss Me Eyeliner is only nearly perfect


Blinc's Kiss Me Eyeliner doesn't do all that it claims. Sure, it stays on significantly better than other eyeliners out there, but that's only provided that you don't touch it. Contrary to what it says on the packaging, it DOES come off with just pressure alone. Slide your finger over it and it will sort of flake/peel off. Some reviewers say that they were able to sleep with it on, but when I myself tried to do it, it was partially rubbed off the next morning. It doesn't smudge or run at all however. I agree with some of the other reviews I've read that say you should abide by the instructions given. Apply a thin layer to a clean eyelid and there shouldnt be too much fuss. If you need to put concealer on your eye area do it afterwards. I liked that it dried to a matte finish unlike some other long wearing liquid eyeliners out there that tend to turn out shiny. It's very easy to take off and doesnt leave any annoying residue. Just don't touch it and it will stay on all day.

Bend, OR


Ideal for even super sensitive eyes.


Many brands say a lot and deliver little...I love blinc because the products do what they promise to do. i have super sensitive eyes and for years have never worn mascara or eyeliner. I also have very oily skin, so eyeliner was pretty much impossible to keep on. Ever since I tried blinc mascara and blinc eyeliner, i have never looked back. It stays on, period!!!

Palm Beach, FL


Best eyeliner ever - IF you read the instructions!


I have to admit that I did not like blinc eyeliner when i first tried it. I called to return it and the folk there were very kind and willing to satisfy me immediately, but they wanted to know how I used it. I realized I did not understand the technology once they explained it. Once i read the instructions and used it properly, i can tell you this (from a makeup addict)...NOTHING onl this planet holds better without sudging ot flaking off during the day. I need to put my makeup on i the morning and deal with a busy day 7 days a week (no time for touch ups or reapplications) and my eyes tear as well. The brush is a little tough to get used to, but SO WORTH it for the hold i get in return.

Beverly Hills, CA


it's not worth the money


First of all, this eyeliner is so overpriced. For the money you pay for it, I expected "quality" liner. The application brush broke after 2-3 usage, and the brush is "thick" so it's hard to make a fine line. And the "waterproof" is not really water-proof at all.

Claymont, DE


Blinc Kiss me Eyeliner

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