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Blendtec Total Blender HP-611-FLP

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I do not know how I lived without this


I used this for my smoothies. The were smooth with no lumps and I used two cups of kale and celery in every smoothie I make. Definitely worth the investment, I use this 5 days a week and have had it for six years and no complaints.

Queens NY


amazing can do anything


this is amazing. it can blend meats, ice anything really. we use it to blend food for my son's gtube.

daphne al


Must have for everything.


I love this blender. It is so good and easy to use. It has all differnt tyoes of button for what needs to be done. Once it is done it is stops. No need to watch over it. Blending Power It is perfect for any kind of blending. you cna make batter, salsa smoothie or freash juice. Anything is done in min. Great product. Versatility It is so good and very easy to manage. It is good for years and for any reasons it breaks you send back and it is new. It has a great customer service. Ease of Cleaning Clening is a snap. just put drop of liquid detergent and water and it has a cleea button. just pulse and done. Or you can put in dishwasher. Either way it is a snap. Ease of Use Any one can use it. it is self explanatory. Even the book is easy to understand. they also include a receipe book, There are so many easy recipe and good taste. Design It is unique design. The wide jar is wide and really big. It alos has a option of regular jar. It is nice one. Durability Very durable. Even though it is press button it is very nicely done. Pop up button. Love it.



Blendtec Total Blender HP-611-FLP

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