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BlackBerry Smartphones
BlackBerry Smartphone

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It is simply the best


This product is great.  So easy to work, you can do almost anything you want at any time.  You won't miss any calls either because it is sure to ring, vibrate and remind you of your messages.  I would definetely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a new cell phone.

Bronx, NY

true not buy!!!


I have had nothing but problems with this phone. From it simply breaking and having to get a new one, to the screen falling apart. This phone is junk. Maybe I got a bad batch, but really I have gotten 3 "new" phones and all of them have problems. STAY AWAY!!

Oklahoma City, OK


Out Dated Device


Blackberry Rim 310 When I first purchased the Blackberry Rim 310 I was influenced to purchase it by fellow employees and employers. What I didn't realize is that the Blackberry Rim 310 was extremely out-dated compared to all of the following Blackberry and Palm devices that were avalible at the time. There are still features that I still really enjoy such as, The querty keyboard, E-Mailing, Internet access, and other features presently on the Blackberry Rim 310, but seeing all of the latest Blackberry's  that are out in the market I feel almost ripped off that my Blackberry can't support most of the features that most of the present day smartphones are offering. Yet I still like to use the Blackberry Rim 310 for business and for my everyday schedule, that it almost feels like I can't even leave my house without it. Non the less I would recommend a later verson than the Blackberry Rim 310.

Lexington, KY




I've given this phone 3 stars because of its die hard exterior. The phone is sturdy, reliable and great for emailing or texting purposes. Definitely a great phone for those who only use their phone for the two things listed above. The downfall is that it doesn't have a camera, it doesn't have a navigating ball or infrarer tracker, it's old and outdated and the internet is fairly slow. Talking about modern technology, this phone is pretty much old school, basic, sturdy, simple, not complicated cell phone. Thought the querty keyboard is definitely a plus. If you are searching for great features and applications, this is not the phone to buy. If you are looking for email, text, as simple as it can get, you will like this phone. And the price is great! Cheap cheap cheap!

Chino Hills, CA


Luv it, luv it


This phone is so easy to navigate. It's nice to look at and it has a full keyboard. It easily accesses email, IM, the web.. You name it. I luv the rolling ball! Mine is the sunset, so it's pretty much red and it's just an awesome phone. I luv it!

Denver, CO


The blackberry pearl is the best phone i owned


The Blackberry pearl is the best phone i owned. I highly recommend it to everyone that likes to text daily and uses bluetooth. This phone has bluetooth, Camera with flash, Mp3 player and my favorite the QWERTY keyboard. When you use the camera the pictures come up very nice and I mean nice. Using the bluetooth is very simple and is self explanatory so you don't go through complicated steps. I personally use it every every time i can with the people that like my music or my pictures and is as easy as eating pie. I really love the Blackberry pearl. Also this phone is very slim and you won't even feel it if you have it on your pocket or not. Now a  days people tend to go with the newer versions of the phone but those are larger and more complicated. If you have a company this phone works perfect with sending and receiving enterprise text messages. Like I said before this phone is the best phone i owned and will own until something happens to it 'till then i will always keep on using it.

Riverbank, CA


The I7100 Blackberry was awful.


The Blackberry I 7100 was a terrible buy for me. I guess you could say that the phone was smarter than me, but It just had too many applications. Too many applications, and they were listed several different times, under different icons, and under differnt names. You could never find anything you were looking for on there. I could never figure out what in the world was was going on with my ringers. Sometimes the phone would ring when someone called, sometimes it would just vibrate, sometimes it would do nothing at all. I had several people try to figure that one out for me. I could never use the email applications, it would never totally load. And it would never recieve text messages either, though Ihad it added to my plan. If you plan on buying it, make sure you know someone who can figure it out for you, and maybe give you a cheat sheet to go by in the future. I would not recommend this product to someone who doesnt work with computers.

Chipley, FL


Blackberry II is a great first starter blackberry phone


I have had the blackberry II for almost 2 years now. In that time I have added a memory card that I have down loaded music to and I am now able to use it as an MPS and a phone. 3 months ago I broke down and paid for the better service and I now have unlimited texting and email. This phone was my first Blackberry esc phone and it took me some time to get comfortable with the ways of it. I was very afraid of messing something up until one day I got fustrated and went for it. After the initial fear was gone I was all over this phone like white on rice. I grabbed the book and everything started to make sense to me. I needed to look at the options of the actual phone in my hand before I could read the book. Just playing w/ the phone for about an hour I was able to navigate where I wanted to go. Some things to know about this phone. When you take a picture that you want to keep in the phone. Better to move the picture to "template" rather than keep it in the photo's file. Your photo's file will get full and eventually it will be harder to find what your looking for. Also, any pictures you save to use for call ID purpose you should save to "template" also. Don't want to risk loosing the perfect picture for your call ID. Another tip is this phone does not allow downloads from I have tried and if there is something else that needs to be down loaded I have not found it. If someone knows what it is...feel free to send the info over to me. I purchased the rubber cover for this phone and found that if you need to put the phone in your pocket it doesn't work so stick with the hard plastic cases.

Plant City, FL


I love it.


When my husband changed my phone to this I thought why something so big.  It turned out that this was the best for texting.  I can see the keypad and type long messages without any problem.  It may not take pictures but I still enjoy the phone.

Columbia, SC


Excellent mobile


This is the best mobile I used ever. I was like just fine when my husband presented this mobile to me on one day but later started using, i was very much impressed and suggested to take the same phone to my friends as I loved that much.  

Ashburn, VA


BlackBerry Smartphone

4.0 10