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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Bagless Handheld Cyclonic Vacuum

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Handy Little Vac


Dust Busters are exactly that...they bust the dust. If you're looking for a small, sleek, hand-held vacuum, to pick up Cheerios and animal hair--buy this one! It's a very simple machine that gets the job done. There isn't anything too fancy about it, but there's no need because the battery life wouldn't be able to uphold too much work or length of time vacuuming. Great features include: easy wall-mount, easy-to-clean basin, and light-weight. This vacuum has some power too, like I said, for smaller jobs. Don't expect to suck out the gravel on the bottom of your car with it though. Depending on the model (how old or new) the on/off button can be diffcult to use. I had an older Dust Buster, and it was easy to operate the on/off button. My newer model takes a bit more of a firm push, but it ends up turning on. My husband thought it was easy to turn on, so it might be a personal preference. Attachents are wonderful too to get in those small, hard to reach areas. Buy it, you'll be happy!

Sussex, WI


Black & Decker Bagless Handheld Cyclonic Vacuum

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