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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Variable Speed/Reversing Drill

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Black & Decker equal reliable to me


Ive had this drill for a while now and I use it about weekly for one home improvment project or another.  It has never let me down.  It takes bits in and out with ease and has more than enough power for my novice carpentry and construction skills.  Yes it has a cord which can be a pain as extension cords become a nessessity with some of the project locations in relation to the power outlet, but once its in the space I need it functions great.  Whether I am drilling or boaring a hole or trying to get a screw in or out of the location its steps up to the plate and meets my needs.  The casing over the unit is durable - I admit to having dropped it on many an occasion by accident without havgin it crack or suffer mechanical problems.  The cord is durable as well even after a brief chew by my dog that barly nicked the surface.  The chuck stays in place that I have temporaily lost it a time or two but when stored in the unit it stays without problem.  Good tool to have around the house!

San Bernardino, CA


At 4 Amps and 4 Pounds, This Drill is Lightweight and Handy


I'm always getting these "great ideas" for home improvement because I enjoy watching interior decorating shows.   These design shows advise viewers to get creative with the items you have around the house.  In response, my creative juices begin to flow and I always seem to be in the midst of one project or another.  For the first time, my do-it-yourself project involved using a drill.   My husband had a couple of drills in the garage, and I happened to pick up the **Black & Decker DR200 4-Amp Variable Speed/Reversing Drill**.  I've never used a drill and had no idea how to operate one, but I felt confident and set out to begin my project. My DIY project was to rewire a favorite glass lamp so and add a night light that would shine in the interior of lamp.  In order to accomplish this, I needed to drill a hole through the metal rod to accept the night light wires.  The Black & Decker DR200 had only the most minimal instructions - I guess they assume everyone knows how to operate a drill.  Well, I didn't but I'm a quick study so I read through the attributes list:  *4.0-Amp, 3/8-inch variable speed, double-gear reduction (?), reverse mechanism, lock-on button, and a keyless chuck (whatever that is!)   * At one point, I almost gave up because when I looked at the pictures I couldn't see the same elements in my drill.  After a couple of minutes I realized that the diagram was describing a *different *model.  Apparently, the folks at Black & Decker create one instruction sheet for all of their drills and throw it in the box for you to figure out. I quickly figured out how the keyless chuck worked, but the drill bit kept falling out.  I finally gave up on the bit that came with the product, and fished out an old one from my husband's tool cart.  This time, the bit fit perfectly, I braced myself - and the metal rod - and began drilling. Both the handle and the trigger of the Black & Decker drill were comfortable to use.  I did notice that the cord was kind of short so I had to set up my work pretty close to an outlet.  I started the drill slowly and then let it go faster.  After a few false starts, it began to drill smoothly and I was able to complete my task without incident. Overall, my experience with the **Black & Decker DR200 4-Amp Variable Speed/Reversing Drill** was a successful one.  The unit is lightweight and comfortable with enough power for simpler DIY projects around the house.  The motor ran efficiently and it didn't sound as if it were laboring to perform.  The best part is that my lamp/nightlight project is complete.  Now that I know how to use the drill I can focus more on my creativity and less on my tools.

Chicagoland, IL


Black & Decker Variable Speed/Reversing Drill

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