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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Extra Tall Electric Can Opener

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Bought two; both broke within one month of use.


This is our second one we've purchased in one year. Both start grinding, clunking, and working only when you are pushing very hard on the can while it's turning. These are both pieces of junk. Never had a problem with an electric can opener before. To buy two of the exact same brand and have this problem? That tells me there's something wrong with the design. Never buying B&D kitchen electrics again. Performance Within a month, both times we bought this can opener, it stopped working and was extremely loud, clunking, and jerking. Durability Lasted 3 weeks with the first one, 4 weeks the second one. Design The design, in theory, was awesome. Tall cans would fit underneath it. Unfortunately, it didn't work.



Open Say's a me!


I received this can opener from a dear friend as a Christmas gift. Prior to this I have been using hand can openers which would break over time on the handles. ( plastic handles) When I got this I loved the appearance with the sleek black design. Made tall to get even those hugh cans and still able to attack those smaller cans as well. I was suprised to see added features on this Black and Decker Multifuncional Can Opener. On the front of this appliance, it has your lift up touch lever and gears to get the cans open. Just below those gears, is a pop top opener. As you look at the back of this can opener, you will also find a built in knife sharpener and you can also store your cord in the back end of this. Easy to clean as it is removable for that top lever and goes back on just as easy. I also spray pan spray on my gears after washing so it prevents them from locking up on you and helps the cans to opener better / quicker. I love this new appliance and I am recommendining this as a great kitchen can opener by Black and Decker.

Boondocks the heart of Northern , NY


The Black and Decker EC475B is so easy to use, my child can do i


My old can opener bit the dust a few years ago and I wanted a black one to match my kitchen. I had few requirements other than it being black. I wanted it to be tall to open tall cans. The only can opener I could find to meet these two requirements was the Black and Decker EC475B. I was surprised at how inexpensive it was. I remember telling my husband it probably won't last very long, it's too cheap! Well, I have been pleasantly surprised! We have had this can opener going on three years and haven't had a problem yet! I love how quiet this can opener is. My old one sounded like the troups were coming to invade! The parts seem to be sturdy and made great. It is seldom that I have to re-try to open a can like I had to do with my last can opener. Even my little boy loves using it. He tries to "help" in the kitchen and that has quickly become one of his favorite jobs! Black and Decker is a great brand and you can't go wrong with this can opener!

Harrison, TN


Black and Decker Electric Can Opener = winner!


I love my Black and Decker extra tall electric can opener! With four children to feed, I open a lot of cans at my busy house. My Black and Decker extra tall electric can opener keeps on trucking, and has never let me down. I like the extra tall size, and I have no problem opening tall cans of spaghetti sauce or green beans. The opening "blade" is still sharp, and the motor still runs strong. I have had electric can openers in the past that have lasted a year or less but not this electric can opener. I am always pleased with the quality of Black and Decker products, and this one lives up to their company's great reputation. Great, quality electric can opener at a great price. Thank you, Black and Decker!

Charlotte, NC


B&D Extra Tall Can Opener - Works great!


My old can opener quit opening cans on me, so I asked for a new one this past Christmas. I didn't care what brand it was, or what color it was. I didn't need anything super fancy. All I wanted was a can opener that did a good job at opening cans. So, I received this B&D brand in the black color. It is extra tall, which is super nice when you have tall cans to open up. Makes it much easier to use that way. It operates smoothly with no problems, at least not so far. All I do is put the can up to it and press the lever down onto the top of the can. Works great! I am very pleased with it. Like I said, its nothing super fancy - doesn't have a sharpener on the back, isn't the kind that opens cans without making sharp edges, etc.... but it works great for me!

Newton, IL


Inexpensive and easy to use


I love this can opener and highyl recommend it. So many of my friends and family have can openers that they can't use correctly or easily but I never have a problem with mine. There are no dropped cans and I don't "miss" when loading them to open them. This has a good magnet and keeps cans upright when opening them. I use all sizes of cans and it is able to handle them without a mess. Also, the edges of the xans are cut straight and are easy to remove from the top of the cans---this almost always cuts all the tops off cleanly and only occasionally leaves a small area still attached. This can opener is easy to clean and take apart the cutting mechanism. My can opener is many years old and still looks and acts new.

Warrington, PA


I did not miss this can opener when it burned in the fire.


Our Black Black & Decker EC475B Extra Tall Electric Can Opener burned up with a lot of stuff when we had our house fire and it is one of those things that I do not miss at all and I am kind of glad it is gone and we never replaced it with another electric can opener. I and everyone else in the house just uses the manual can opener we have. No need to find a place to plug it in. No need to worrk about the can slipping off and spilling and a manual can opener needs no counter space. I rarely used this thing mostly only when I could not find the manul one which usually ment it was in the sink after one of the kids used it and did not clean it, yes that is lazy of me but why go searching for the manual one when there was an electric one sitting on the counter. Worked good enough that I did not truly hate using it but I still like the manual one better. I wont be getting another ever unless someone gives me one.

Suffolk, VA


Im in love with this can opener.


I was babysitting for my best friend who had four children for 4 days, which meant a lot of cooking.  I noticed this can opener on her counter and of course had to use it since she did not have a manual opener like mine.  It was amazing!  I immediately text messaged her to tell her that I was in love.  I threw out my old electric can opener years ago because it was terrible.  Long story short, she bought me one as a thank you gift for watching the kids!  I use it even if the can is a pop top can!

Gainesville, FL


Black & Decker Extra Tall Electric Can Opener

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