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Black & Decker Compact Refrigerator BCF31

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ok fridge


This Black and Decker Mini-Refrigerator is a small fridge that I purchased for use in my dorm room. It is small and unobtrusive, however, it is really quite loud. I do not have much trouble fitting food and drinks into the fridge, however, I think that it could have been designed to allow a bit more food in there. Furthermore, there is a small but noticable buzzing that I have gotten used to over time, but can still be annoying when I stop and try to listen to it. Thankfully, this mini-refrigerator was cheap enough that I still feel like it was worth the money I spent for it. While this fridge is not for everyone, I personally feel that it is worth it for someone living in a small apartment or dorm setting.

Tempe, AZ


Black & Decker Refrigerator is Very High Quality for the Price


This refrigerator is very good for anyone that is living in a small apartment or a dormitory. I am currently enrolled in college and I do not have much space in my dorm room and it is a perfect fit for my room. It keeps everything you need to keep refrigerated at a very good temperature and I have never had any freezer burn on anything. It is very small so there is not alot of room for a lot of stuff, but it works for students and people renting an apartment. The cord is long enough to reach far away outlets and makes the refrigerator very mobile and easy to move around. It is also very easy to clean because the interior is a plastic, easy to wipe surface and it rarely retains any odors from spilt food or anything liek that as long as it is cleaned. The adjustable temperature gauge in it is also very useful so you can lower the temperature or raise it as you desire. Overall this refrigerator is an excellent pick!

Townsend, MA


Good for the dorm...not much else


This little refrigerator has been the perfect fit for keeping food cool in my limited amount of space.  It has worked decently for my purposes.  However, it is definitely something to use for something like keeping drinks cool in the game room. It makes alot of noise.  You can constantly hear it running as it hums continously.   It does not have much space either.  The door space juts into the main storage space.  It is not good for things taller than a small butter tub.  Only one shelf provides enough space to fit things taller than that.   The other main problem it has that bugs me is the stupid freezer.  The food put inside the freezer does not freeze very well, but the food that is under the freezer compartment stays nice and frozen.  The manual DOES say that it should not be used to keep frozen foods for longer than two days or so. The freezer itself frosts all over, both the inside and the outside. 

Pearblossom, CA


Black & Decker Compact Refrigerator BCF31

3.3 3