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Black & Decker
Black & Decker CJ600 Juicer

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Black & Decker citrus juicer


Overall a pretty decent citrus juicer. It does not hold a whole lot of juice though which is why I ended up getting rid of it. With two kids I needed something bigger. It goes in two directions to really get all the juice out of your fruit and it does have pulp control which is essential in our house. We got maybe one or two seeds through the strainer the whole time we owned this so the strainer does work well. it was easy to clean and small so very easy to store. Pulp Setting Effectiveness There is an adjustable strainer in it so you can pick the amount of pulp you want to get in your juice. It worked very well and kept out almost all pulp. Stability While in Use It was pretty stable but you are holding fruit on it while it's in use so it won't be moving too much. Ease of Cleaning Parts came apart easily and were very easy to wash. Durability Held up well through many uses. Versatility/Number of Features The motor is reversible to get the most juice out and it has an adjustable strainer for pulp control. That was about all the features it offered. Design It is very small so very easy to tuck away and hide.



Black & Decker CJ600 Juicer

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