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Bissell ProHeat Pet Deep Cleaning System 89104

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DIY Professional Cleaning


As a mom with 2 children, one of whom has severe allergies, deep cleaning is a part of my every day life. I usually get a professional cleaner to come in every 6 months to deep clean my carpets so when a friend suggested that I get the Bissel pro heat steamer, I didn't think twice. The machine cost less than a single visit from a professional cleaner and I could clean at my convenience. The machine arrived in a box and was very easy to put together. The instructions were also easy to follow. The cleaner has a separate compartment for dirty water and uses a powerful water lift technology to first wash and then dry the carpet. Most stains and dust disappeared with one forward and reverse push. It also has a smaller nozzle for hard to reach corners. The machine is a little heavy and bulky, but the end result is worth the investment.

Eden Prairie, MN


Good product, gets the job done


Overall it gets the job done and it is easy to use without being too heavy. It doesn't deep clean as much as I thought it would from the advertisements before I bought it. However this could be due to I have two pets and a very small apartment so the hair tends to accumulate in a very concentrated area.

Parish, NY


Great product for the money, great suction


I bought this product a few months ago because I have three animals and a small child in a small apartment. It does a wonderful job cleaning! So far its gotten every stain out of my carpet, even stains that were a year or two old. I love that it heats the water a little bit more to get the carpets extra clean. The cleaning solution dispenser is great. I love that it mixes the cleaner with the water depending on if you have it set to "high traffic area" or "low traffic area" although occasionally it seems to use more than it normally does. Another great thing is the way the water is stored while you use it. The dirty and clean water go into the same container. The clean water is held in a bladder and as you suck up dirty water its put into the reservoir around the bladder. It also makes refilling easier because you aren't hauling heavy buckets around constantly. After doing my floors the first time, I can now do my living room and dining area with just one bucket full of water. It sucks the water back up really good as well. My floors are almost dry once I finish and that's after putting down water with cleaner in it and then going back over it all with just clean water to make sure all the cleaner is out of the floor. It is a little hard to clean the various parts out though. The animal hair gets stuck in various places and it takes a bit to clean it all out. Maneuverability Its a little bulky but not as bad as Rug Doctor rentals are. Its fairly light weight for a steam cleaner so it isn't too hard to move around. Ease of Maintenance It can be really hard to clean out at times. I end up with a lot of animal hair that my vacuum doesn't suck up, especially during the summer and it gets caught in various parts. You just have to keep running clean water through it until it all the hair comes loose. Suction Performance The suction is very good. You have to go over the area a couple times, but after I'm finished the steam cleaner has sucked up so much of the water the floor is almost dry when I'm done. Versatility I love the hose and the various attachments that there are. There's also a large storage area on the back for the different tools. I've used this on my computer chair and it did a great job. I've also used it to clean the wall where my child decided to draw on it with markers! Design The design is pretty good. There's plenty of storage, though the hose is a bit hard to get to stay in place. I also wish the cord management were better for while you're actually using the cleaner. I don't think they put the cord holder high enough up on the handle because I'm constantly having to kick it out of the way when I'm using it. Durability It takes a beating pretty good. I've accidentally smacked it against the walls and baseboards so many times. I was afraid that I would crack the plastic but it hasn't even put a scratch on it.

Columbus, OH


Bissell ProHeat Pet Deep Cleaning System 89104

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