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Bissell PowerGroom Compact Pet Vacuum 13H8

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good product good price


it has great suction, the pet tool is a wonder on stairs, I would change that the beater bar continues to run even when you are using attachments but thats all. It is light weight and has two handles for great control and best of all you can see the belt at all times so you can see wear Maneuverability it is very light weight and turns on a dime Ease of Maintenance just slide the release button , remove the cup and empty it you do NOT have to dig around the filter in order to empty the cup Suction Performance very good sucks up dog hair and bird feathers without any problem or clogging Versatility the attachments make it versatile Design small and easily handled can be held by the handle or a 2nd handle on the body Durability havnt had it very long yet but ill be updating

Nottingham, MD


It cleand what even i need it to.


this is the best i have found so far. Maneuverability that is hard to say i only have one big rug i need it on but it is real good on it. Ease of Maintenance I have had it for a year and the only thing i have had to do is pull out a dog poop bag and some string but it is easy to do. as the weight of it is light so i can flip it over and clean it out easy. Suction Performance I have a Jack Russel and a old hand made Turkish rug and it removes 90% of the hair. if you have a jack Russel you know how bad they shed well it is so bad my red rug is white but after one swipe with this vac it is clean. i love it. Versatility it cleans my sofa and bed and drapes and floor both rugs and wood and tile. Design i love the small size it fits in a corner and now one even knows i have it. Durability my dog has attacked it and it still looks good it also has fell over when i yank it and it works just fine.

Marion, IA


Bissell PowerGroom Compact Pet Vacuum 13H8

5.0 2