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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Bissell PowerForce Bagless Vacuum

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Only Good Part of Bissell 65793 Is Price


I bought this vacuum based on good reviews and a good price. It worked really well for about six months, and then it seemed to lose its suction power. I would have to vacuum the same area several times in order to pick up hair or other debris on the floor. The tilting feature of the vacuum also broke within a year of purchasing the vacuum. My vacuum will no longer lock into the standing up position- it just permanently tilts back which is really annoying. I also wish the vacuum came with more extensions to help vacuum stairs or other surfaces besides floors. I feel like the vacuum is not designed well to work on stairs since the only attachment it came with is a brush attachment, which doesn't work very well on carpet stairs. I do love how the vacuum is bagless. It's so nice to just open the compartment, dump it in the garbage, and put it back on the vacuum. Sometimes when I vacuum up too much, the filters get clogged quickly and I end up having to clean them out. Normally, though, I have to only clean out the filters every few times I vacuum.



Good, basic vac


A basic vac with no frills. It will get the job done. Maneuverability It doesn't go down/ fit under things well. It has a limited range of motion. Ease of Maintenance There are 4 filter areas, so it takes a while to get them all clean. And I don't like bagless vacs as you really like to not care about getting covered in dust and dirt, and they really need to be emptied outdoors as you have to whack the filters on something to really get the dust off. Suction Performance I like Bissell vacs because they always perform well in this area. Versatility It is basic but does enough. I'm sure it would clean solid surfaces just fine though I haven't tried yet. Design The design is good. It is mid weight, so a lighter vacuum would be nice. It has a plain and brushed attachment in one unit that you turn to switch suction on. It saves space so there are fewer things to fall off of te vac, and it is simple to use. Not fancy, but works fine. Durability It seems sturdy, even though it is very basic plastic (black matte in some areas)

Poulsbo, WA


Bissell Bagless Vacuum was a Good Buy


We bought the Bissell PowerForce Bagless Vacuum about 4 years ago for our carpeted rooms and it is still going strong. I was skeptical at the time about the brand and the bagless concept, but both were worth it in the long run. I use the vacuum now on my large area rug as well as the floor and it works just fine on both. I don't remember how much we paid for it at the time but I know it was on sale for a good price (we're frugal shoppers)! Ease of Maintenance Emptying the compartment is a breeze, it's also plastic so it makes for easy cleaning. Versatility The hose attachments seem to work better than those I've used with other vacuums (Kirby, Hoover). I am able to get those hard to reach areas like corners, windowsills, under couch cushions, etc. with a decent amount of suction. Design The Bissell Powerforce is nice and light, not bulky at all and doesn't take up too much storage space. Durability Four years and my vacuum cleaner is thankfully still going strong. We haven't had to replace parts except for a belt once and that was our fault!

Commerce, GA


Excellent Vacuum For An Affordable Price!


I can't even begin to tell you how many vacuums I looked at before buying this one. This bissell powerforce was in the pricerange because I didn't want to spend a huge amount of money. I love that it is a bagless upright with lots of powder. The bagless tray is very easy to remove and dump. The vacuum has 2 filters (technically 3) but 2 are replaceable. The first filter is a plastic cone which helps cycle dirt into the top cup. The other 2 filters sit right below the actual tray that comes out where you dump the dirt you vacuum up. They are both washable which I love. I was really impressed with how powerful the suction is with this vacuum. I vacuumed over carpet that looked clear but I ended up with half a tray full of hair and dirt! It has 5 settings for carpet and floors so you can control how close the brushes are on the floor/carpet. The vacuum is about 10-12 pounds and the cord is very long so you don't have to constantly look for a new plug as you go all over your house. It comes with 3 floor tools and that includes a brush, long suction poll attactment and also a detailed suction poll for hard to reach corners. You just can't go wrong with this vacuum at this great price! Maneuverability Moves with ease with little effort! Ease of Maintenance The dump tray comes out ease and you can just rinse it out. Suction Performance I was shocked at how great the suction was! Versatility It comes with 3 attachment and will work on carpet and also flooring. Design The disign is great and the cord it long. I just wish it were a little easier to carry up stairs. It is 10-12 pounds. Durability It seems very durable and feels like it is made well.

Chattanooga, TN


Great for the price


I really like this vacuum however my house is almost entirely hardwood. I have owned it for about a year and it doesn't get much use. For the price its great for me it has great suction. I have some darker colored rugs and a white cat and it does pretty well on the pet hair. Its pretty easy to clean. I had one issue with it getting clogged up but nothing that I couldn't fix. All in all for homes like mine I would say this is the best vacuum you can buy

Cincinnati, OH


Does a good job


I've chosen a 5 because I can only compare it to my older vacuum (an older dirt devil bagged brand) so based on that I was super happy to not have to worry about bags. For the size it is light enough to drag around. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment so I don't know how it compares but we are super happy with out purchase. It is not very loud either, although there is room for improvement there :) Versatility could have easier or better attachment for narrow/low spaces

College Station, TX


easy to use, easy to handle


2 days after we bought it (2 yrs ago) we had to replace the belt. but other than that its a great vacuum Maneuverability easy to move around the floor Ease of Maintenance will clog if you pick up a lot of pet hair, easy to clean filters Suction Performance pretty strong suction Versatility easy to use Design lightweight easy to carry Durability lasted this long, (2 yrs) without major problems

Pittsfield, MA


great value for the money


I really like Bissle products.I have been using them for years.This vacum is a good has great suction and picks up every do have to remember however to clean the filters occasionaly to keep it in good running condition.for me that is not a problem.the cleaner the filters the better the pick up.

Spring Lake, NC


the bissell 6579-3 really sucks!


I purchased a bissell 6579-3 over five years ago. The first one I ever brought was a really good vaccum for five years.Then it died which is understandable after five years. So I really believed that bissell vaccum cleaners were good vaccums. So of course I go out and buy the same vaccum again.It worked for a few months and died I now just keep having to replace the vaccum. About to switch companys and see some of the differences between the two. I rember being a hover customer but they are worst then bissell in every way. Bissell customers dept really sucks also which is why i am swiching companies also. Hovers customer service department they need to fire everyone and get a whole knew team.Bissells parts have to be replaced so much faster then what i remeber. I sometimes wonder is it because of the receesion that these companies are falling off like that. Parts for bissell vaccum cleaners are cheaper though then most replacement parts for other vaccums, hence the reason for them having to be replaced so quickly. Bissell just look into building a better vaccum.

Colorado Springs, CO


Bissell Model #6579-3 Vacuum is one of the best vacuums


The Bissell Model #6579-3 Vacuum is the best vacuum that I, personally, have ever owned. I have always stuck to the Bissell brand when it comes to vacuuming or cleaning carpets due to the fact that these vacuums have always pleased me with their performances and the end result of the job that they have done. Although I have never owned my own home I have rented out several properties that were in poor conditions when it came to overall appearance of flooring or carpet conditions, however, this particular vacuum worked well on cleaning the carpet and picking up dirt on the carpets when other vacuums did not pick up all the excess dirt from wear and tear. In other words, other products did not do such an outstanding job; whereas, this product met my expectations. Therefore, this product's performance met above my expectations over all other products that I used in effort to complete the job of cleaning my carpets whether the carpet's appearance was poor or very good.

Denham Springs, LA


Bissell PowerForce Bagless Vacuum

4.0 16