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Bissell 1692 Upright Steam Cleaner Vacuum

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Very good, durable, deep cleaner


We purchased this machine a long time ago. I cannot remember exactly how long but maybe about 8 years ago. We used it alot and it worked very well. It really helps to renew old matted down carpets. It is also excellent for cleaning up occassional stains even vomit. It must be carefully cleaned and rinsed out though after cleaning each time. It finally broke since we used it so much. I am considering replacing this vacuum since it was so useful.

Sedalia, MO


Good for a light carpet cleaning


I bought our Bissell Steam Cleaner to help keep our carpets clean since we had two indoor dogs. I like it a lot and it does a good job. I wish it had a unit that heated the water instead of just using hot tap water. I would feel like it did a better job if it did that. But, I have pulled a lot of dirt out of my carpet using this machine and feel like it is quite adequate for the price that you pay for this machine.

Winterville, GA


Wonderful product, highly recommend!


I absolutely love my Bissell Steam Cleaner. The first time I steam cleaned my carpets, I rented a steam cleaner; the second time, I borrowed a Bissell steam cleaner from my sister; the third time, I purchased my own! I love it and it works a million times better than a rental or other brands I've looked at. I love that it has several round brushes that scrub my carpet instead of one long beater brush! Maneuverability Fairly easy to maneuver...never really had any problems at all. Ease of Maintenance The only thing I would change about this machine is some way to clean out the lid to the used-water reservoir a little better. I still give it a 4 out of 5 stars for this feature, though. Suction Performance Fantastic suction! Pulls up so much dirty water out of my carpet and lets them dry in no time! Durability I've had my machine for 4 or 5 years now, and I still love it and highly recommend it. I've had no troubles whatsoever.

Gary, IN


Bissell 1692 Upright Steam Cleaner Vacuum

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