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Bionaire Humidifier

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This Bionaire humidifier is nice, but noisy!


This Bionaire humidifier is nice, but noisy!  I like it because it is a steam humidifier and it works pretty well, it holds a good amount of water and has two settings high and low, neither one puts out much steam however.  But, it seems to have a lot of cons.  It makes a popping noise when it's running, not great for the napping baby or myself for that matter. The water tank is filled from the bottom so even if you are very careful taking it off and putting it back on, you still get water everywhere. also the steam is pretty darn hot, I know what you are thinking "steam IS hot" but I worry about kids being around it, in fact I turn it off when I know kids will be over playing.  It does what it should, it puts humidity into the air but I just think it could be better in some ways.  Especally that popping noise, that is just very hard to get used to. I guess my final thought on this one is that if you find it cheap or someone buys it for you, that's how I got this one, then fine use it.  However if I was to go out and buy a new one, this would not be the one for me.   

Ann Arbor, MI


Bionaire Humidifier

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