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Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair
Big Sexy Hair
Big Sexy Hair color me sexy

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big sexy color me sexy product is great for colored hair.


Color me sexy is a great product when you get your hair colored alot. It helps keep the hold of the color and helps replenish the hair as well. It smells great and makes the hair look nice and shiny. It has a conditioner and shampoo so you can choose from one or the other or even both. I recommend this to people especially if you like your color to last and not fade as much. Some other shampoos that arent for color, strip the hair and makes your color not last as long. That is why when you usually get your hair colored you need a color treated shampoo. If not then you will always be going to the salon more often and it gets expensive. I would say try it out and see if you like it. If its not for you then look at other brands and decide for yourself. You only have to get the shampoo the conditioner is optional because conditioner isnt for washing your hair. its for moisturizing and helping it not be dry and brittle.

Federal Way, WA


Big Sexy Hair color me sexy

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