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Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore Eco Spec Paint

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Benjamin Moore Eco Spec paint is the way to go green.


I have held off painting the interior of any home I have owned until I found an affordable, high quality low-VOC paint.  Benjamin Moore Eco Spec is the paint that I finally found.  It was affordable, good quality, and I was able to get all but one of the colors I wanted in the Eco Spec line, including the higher gloss finish for the kitchen area.  The only color I couldn't get in the Eco Spec was a very dark brown, but it was a minimal area I was painting with the dark brown, so it was ok that it did not come in the Eco Spec.  I have to say, painting with low-VOC paints is not only a good long-term decisions because it general improves the indoor air-quality in your home, but it is so much more pleasant to paint a room and not feel like you have to leave the house for several days while the paint dries and the smell dissipates.  I will never use anything but Low-VOC paint, and Benjamin Moore Eco Spec is a great Low VOC choice.

Westminster, CO


Benjamin Moore Eco Spec Paint

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