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Benadryl Children's Allergy Fast Melt, Grape (18-Ct. Dissolving tablets--4-pack)

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Love the bendaryl chewables


My daughter has terrible allergies that come and go. I originally tried liquid cherry flavored Benadryl but after using it a few times, my daughter refused to take it. I searchd a few stores for an alternative when I found the Benadryl Children's Allergy fast melt in the grape flavor. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try them out. I was very satisfied with my purchase. She took them with no problems at all and she enjoyed the flavor. Instead of thinking that she was taking medicine, she thought I was giving her a piece of candy. The packing is safe as well because if she manages to get ahold of it, she can't actually open the individual tablets. Overall, these have become my go to allery medication. They work like they are supposed to and give my child relief from runny nose, sneezing and itchy, watery eyes. The price is not too bad compared to other children's allergy tablets either.



Benadryl Allergy for Children is a must in our house


I absolutely love the Benadryl Childrens Dissolvable Tablets! Having three children and two dogs in our house makes this product a must have. Not only do the children suffer from occassional problems from seasonal allergies, but so does our German Shorthaired Pointer. The veterinarian has given us the ok to use Benadryl for our dog, as she suffers from seasonal allergies which cause her to itch and break out during the summer months.  I give her a Benadryl twice per day and it reallly calms the urge for her to itch, and leaves her with a beautiful coat and a restful day. I love keeping Benadryl onhand also in the event that someone gets itchy from a bug bite or has the occasional sneeze and watery eyes from being outside. This product works fast, and has no adverse side effects. The yummy grape and bubble flavors are a bonus, as the kids never give me a hard time about taking it. I love this product!

Clayton, NC


So convenient


I love the new meltaways tablets.  My children have occasional allergies and I always had to carry benadryl with me.  The fact that I can have single doses with me for emergencies and for normal allergy use in my purse or diaper bag without the large bottles (which had the ability to leak) I have not only saved money, I have saved time and have been able to have a peace of mind just being able to have the tablets portable.  I was able to purchase one pack and have it with me wherever I go.  I still prefer the liquid for at home but I will not ever be without the meltaways.  The medicine does wonders for allergies and I have not noticed the drowsiness that others may have noticed.  Ocassionally my children complain about the taste but hte overall effect is beneficial and they will take it.  I would definately reccomend this product to any other busy moms who would like portability and peace of mind!

Germantown, WI


Benadryl Children's Allergy Fast Melt, Grape (18-Ct. Dissolving tablets--4-pack)

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