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Bella Cucina
Bella Cucina 3-in-1 Grill/Waffle/Sandwich Maker

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3 in 1


I purchased the Bella Cucina 3 in 1 Sandwich Maker because of the versatility it offers. I like the color it came in but I actually enjoy how well it actually functions as well. It has 3 interchangeable face plates that make it seem like I have 3 separate functioning appliances instead of one. There are some limitations though. The waffle plate heats and cooks unevenly and seems to take too long to cook as well. The other two plates seem to function normally. It is very easy to clean and pretty much requires only a quick thorough wipe down. You should use pan spray so that nothing sticks or, if it does it will be effortless to remove. Generic pan spray seems to leave residue behind. There are many different ways to use this one appliance. From home made stuffed sandwiches to Egg omelet pockets. It doesn't take up a whole lot of space and it is pretty safe and easy to handle because it has cool tabs that help prevent burning. I wouldn't let a kid use it without supervision though, just in case. Overall, it is really nice to have around and comes in handy for quick dinners.



save your money and invest in a better one.


Save your mney and invest in a better quality one. I had bought this one to replace a waffle maker/grill I had had for a few years. Looking at this I thought it would be a great one to get because it seemed as though it had many options. I think it looks better than what it works. Mine made a mess in using it, it was not a simple machine to use. The quality in how it was made was not well either. It is cheap and fragile. I would put the money you would use to buy this one and put it towards a good quality name brand. I did not see any type of warranty on this either. Performance Not good quality, does not perform well. Settings/Features The concept and what it should do is a great idea, the excecution of it not so well. Ease of Cleaning Thought it would be easy to clean because of nonstick type of material, which is sort of true. I feel like it makes such a mess that cleaning it just seems harder. Ease of Use Looks more simple than what it is. Durability Very cheap, thin materials.



Good gadget for its Price, useful 3 in 1 tool


This 3 in 1 sandwhich, panini, waffle maker is a great tool for its value. It is not a high end kitchen gadget by any means but it does the job well for anyone looking to buy their kitchen supplies on a budget. It has three interchangable plates that can allow you to use it as a sandwich press (any sandwiches cut in triangles can be grilled), a panini press (grill lines into your toasted bread) or a waffle maker (2 square waffles per pan). Because of its less expensive design it does have a few flaws that may or may not effect the decision to purchase this one over another grill. First is that is does not cook the waffles/sandwiches evenly. Usually the bottom side is cooked more than the top. Also there is no heat setting, the Bella kitchen gadget is set to turn on and off when the temperature gets to a predetermined setting. It iis also sometimes a little difficult to clean because of the nooks and crannys in the plates. I guess it can be considered easy to use because all you do is plug it in and it cooks, and the plates are easily changeable.

Champaign, IL


The 3-in-1 Sandwich/Waffle/Panini maker is so versatile!


Bella Cucina's 3-in-1 Sandwich/Waffle/Panini maker is such a fun product to use! It comes with 3 interchangeable plates one of which is a waffle maker, the others are a sanwich maker and a panini press. The best thing about this product is that it can make so many things. I can use it for breakfast and then turn around and use it again for lunch and even dinner. The nonstick coating makes it so easy to clean that using it three times a day is actually quite easy. I love making waffles in the morning and then again for grilled cheese at lunch. One of the things that I don't like about the 3-in-1 is that it does not come with a recipe book. It would have been nice if the instructions had atleast listed suggested cook times. It doesn't have any sort timer on it. You have to watch your waffles/sandwich and decide when they are done. I would much prefer being able to put better or or sandwich in there and know how long to leave it.

Mattoon, IL




This Bella Cucina Grill/Waffle/Sandwich maker is an easy-to-switch product in preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees or late night snacks.  Easy cleanup with this nonstick cooking surface.  I love knowing I have one product, that can help me easily prepare something quick with my busy schedule.  This appliance doesn't take up a lot of counter space, and I can keep in out for daily use.  Perfect for one or two people eating!  I purchased this item based on price, quality, and practiability.  I highly recommend this item to have on hand for delicious, quick timely dishes.  The grill is perfect for a couple pieces of meat or large steak.  Makes perfect grilled cheese sandwiches for the late night snack.  The waffles are brown and crisp, so ready for the fruit or syrup toppings.  Why not go ahead and purchase this one to keep for your daily use in all your meal preparations?  Nothing could be better!

Morganton, NC


Bella Cucina 3-in-1 Grill/Waffle/Sandwich Maker

3.8 5