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Belkin N Wireless Router

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It's fine when it works...


After only using Netgear routers, we purchased this Belkin Wireless N router because it was on sale and highly recommended.  I wish we'd stuck with Netgear.  Within a month, the wireless stopped working.  Belkin customer service was great and sent us out a new one.  Two months later, the wireless for the replacement router stopped working.  Belkin sent us out a THIRD router, and this one has been working for the last 9 months with no problem regarding the wireless.  The router needs to be reset more than any other router I've ever used.  On occasion, the signal from the cable modem will drop out for a second and then come right back on, and the router stops functioning completely.  The range isn't at all what I expect it to be, and connecting devices to the network is a thousand times more difficult than it should be.  It has randomly reset network names and passwords on us multiple times, and will occasionally drop devices connected wirelessly and not allow them to reconnect until they're actually plugged in and authenticated. The second this one dies, I'm buying something different.

Federal Way, WA


It was easy to set up and operate.


This router was suggested by the store where we had purchased a HP laptop for our daughter's college use and we could not be happier with it. The installation was very easy and straightforward. The minor issue we had was that the instructions did not say to connect the laptop to the system to verify it but, the 800 number connected us to a tech that was very helpful and pleasant. I recommend this brand to anyone needing this style router for wireless internet in thier home. It has an encrypted securty setting and functions wery well with an excellent range.

Farmington, MN


Belkin N Wireless Router

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