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Beechnut Let's Grow! Cookies

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Great toddler snack!


Beechnut Let's Grow! Cookies are an excellent snack choice for busy toddlers and for parents on a tight budget. I decided to try this product because I received a high value manufacturer coupon in the mail. This coupon made the Beechnut Let's Grow! Cookies an inexpensive snack choice so I decided to try this product for my toddler. I am glad I did! He absolutely loves these cookies. The thing I like the most about these cookies is that they do not crumble or make a huge mess. I also like that I recognize all of the ingredients on the nutrition label. I want my toddler to stay healthy so it is important that I give him healthy snacks like Beechnut Let's Grow! Cookies. Overall, I am very impressed with this Beechnut product and recommend it for toddlers and preschoolers. Beechnut Let's Grow! Cookies are a delicious snack and will fill up your toddler's little tummy with quality ingredients.



Great cookies!


I am not sure that these should be called cookies because it makes me feel like I'm feeding my son junk food that is full of sugar and all sorts of other junk he shouldn't be consuming. On the contrary these are quite low in sugar and are fortified with vitamins and all sorts of other good stuff that I should be eating more of! Mind you, when I tasted one of these "cookies" I quickly realized it was barely a "cookie"! But it did put me at ease about letting my son eat so many of these. They are a healthier option than the other arrowroot cookies that they market towards babies and toddlers. They are easy to hold, they taste okay (well my son devours them!) and they are affordable for how healthy they are!

Federal Way, WA


We love the banana cookies!


The Beechnut banana cookies taste really good (yes, us parents tried them) and they're inexpensive.  The kids loved them when they were little.  They were soft, so they could get a little thick in the kid's mouths.  Other than that, they were great!

Eastman, GA


Beechnut's banana cookies are my son's favorite snack!


Yum, yum--these cookies are the best. I love that they are a "cookie" but actually have good, wholesome ingredients in them. Makes me feel not as guilty when giving them to my son, and makes him think it's his lucky day that he gets to eat cookies! Why we both love these little goodies: --Great value: Even if you buy them without a coupon, and not on sale, they are cheaper than Gerber's banana cookies. And Beechnut often comes out with coupons (sign up for their newsletter, or just do a Google search for their coupons online), which makes these an even better value. They also last quite a while, as I usually just let my son eat a couple every few days. --Yummy: I must admit I've had a little nibble, and these actually taste really good! No wonder my son loves them! It's great when there's a snack babies/toddlers think is yummy that is pretty good for them as well. The only con I can think of is that they get kind of messy and require a wipe-down afterwards. But considering like 90% of everything babies and toddlers eat requires the same, it's not a big deal. :) One of the best snacks out there, 100% recommended!

Rexburg, ID


Beech Nut Cookies are truly a good cookie!


Beech Nut Let's Grow! Cookies are a great toddler snack! They are healthy and delicious. I have purchased the Banana Cookies for my son. They also come in Arrowroot and Biter Biscuit, but I have only tried the Banana. These cookies are truly a banana cookie! They smell just like a bunch of bananas when you open the box and they have a banana bread taste to them. When my son first started eating them, I was afraid he would choke since he liked to stick the whole cookie in his mouth at once. So, I broke them into 1/3 pieces. This was a bonus since he thought he was getting 3 cookies instead of 1, I was no longer worried he would choke, and they lasted 3 times as long! The cookies are a good source of whole grain, calcium, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Iron. They also support bone and teeth development. There are no added refined sugar, salt, or artificial preservatives. They are a stage 4 food, recommended for 12+ months. My son adores them! And I love giving him a healthy snack!

Grandville, MI


Beechnut Let's Grow! Cookies

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