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Beech-Nut Macaroni & Cheese Stage 3

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My baby loves this macaroni and cheese


Beech-Nut Macaroni & Cheese Stage 3 is an excellent meal choice for my baby. My son started eating solid foods around six months of age and recently made the transition to the addition of Stage 3 foods into his diet. I can't say enough good things about Beech-Nut Macaroni & Cheese Stage 3. My son absolutely loves this food and it is a great choice for both lunch and dinner. First, my son loves the texture of this macaroni and cheese. He kicks his feet and makes cooing noises when he eats this macaroni and cheese. Second, I like the fact that Beech-Nut Macaroni & Cheese Stage 3 contains DHA. I feel good about giving my baby food that contains DHA. Finally, the price is right. Overall, I am very pleased with this Beech-Nut product. My baby is getting excellent nutrition and I am very pleased that he enjoys eating this Stage 3 food. I highly recommend Beech-Nut Macaroni & Cheese Stage 3 to other parents! Safety This food allows my baby to slowly adjust to eating foods with more texture.



Beech Nut Stage 3 Macaroni & Cheese is a good food for textures.


I have been experimenting with different baby foods for my son. One food that he did not take to were the foods that were stage 3 such as those with a different texture. From what I have read, it can take over ten times for a baby to like a food but to keep introducing a food. Beech Nut has a Macaroni & Cheese which is stage 3. There are some small bites of macaroni and also some small chunks of carrots. My son rejected this particular food for the first few times but the last time I fed it to him he ate the whole entire jar! The stage 3 comes in a glass jar and you can microwave the food to warm it up in the glass jar (better than plastic in my opinion). One jar also provides ten percent of daily protein and also is an excellent source of Vitamin A. I would recommend if you are trying to have your baby try new textures and tastes.

Carmel, IN


Beech-Nut Macaroni & Cheese Stage 3

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