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Beauticontrol Detoxifying Bath Soak

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Beauticontrol Detoxifying Bath Soak is my Once a Week Wonder!


I was introduced to Beauticontrol at a friend's spa party several years ago.  I initially bought a couple of products and was surprised at how much I liked them.  I am usually not one to take the time or expense to try a lot of skin or cosmetic products.  By suggestion from a family member who had tried the Detoxifying Bath Soak, I ordered myself a bottle and gave it a try.  I have since found it to be an amazing destressor and relaxing bath soak.  It has a wonderful peppermint scent that clears out your sinuses and allows you to breathe better so you can truly relax in your bath and soak it in.  I use just 2-4 small capfuls per bath and get the water as warm as I can tolerate.  Then I soak from 10-20 minutes and finish by using an exfoliating glove to wipe down my skin.  The glove is white initially and when I am done the glove is a disgusting looking gray color.  I am amazed at what comes off onto my glove as it really seems to be doing the job and "detoxing" my body.  I can really feel a difference after my detox soak as I am more relaxed and just feel healthier.  I would recommend this product to anyone (except women who are pregnant).  I even use this product in my laundry to help boost the cleanliness and smell of my linens!

West Lafayette, IN


Beauticontrol Detoxifying Bath Soak

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