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Beats by Dr. Dre Tour Earbud Headphones

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Lasts 6 months tops


The sound is amazing but they are a tad bit uncomfortable to wear. Ive bought 2 of these and they all have broken within 6 months. The flat cord is cool and all until it decides to disconnects from the plug.

Richmond, Virginia


Great sound quality, but flimsy earbuds


I received a pair of these as a gift from a customer that frequented the store I worked in. They are just as uncomfortable as all earbuds (in my opinion) but I was grateful for them because I knew they were supposed to be great quality. Sound Quality The sound is just great, the bass sounds phenomenal when you use these. It definitely made it easy for me to escape the noise in my family's home when I wanted to relax or do school work for college. Comfort Earbuds are always awkward and hard to wear for long, as they aren't shaped to our ears at all. These were no exception. They also did not come with a size of earbud covers that felt ok, it was either too big or too small. Design How a pair of headphones look doesn't really concern me over how they work, but these are pretty cool looking. Durability The flat wires and rubber earbuds were too enticing for my ferret to not chew through them in a matter of minutes. He was able to remove the plastic from the wires and completely ruin them so easily that it made me suspect of their quality in that sense.



Quality sound


I bought these headphones about 3 years ago, and they are still going strong. I enjoy these specifically because of the sound quality. I listen to a lot of hip hop and rap music, so these provide the bass and sound necessary to fully enjoy these types of songs. The cord to this is extremely long, so it tends to get in the way of things, but can be nice when at the gym or when your music device is in your back pocket. I have small ears, and these fit okay in them. After a while, though, they tend to bother my ears and I need to take them out to give myself a break. They are comfortable enough though. I wear these on the plane constantly and often fall asleep with them in because they drown out all other sounds.



Amazing sound...unbeatable quality


I was willing to pay a little extra for quality in-ear headphones. These Dr. Dre's are amazing! They are ultra-portable without sacrificing sound quality. I listen to a lot of jazz, so I certainly appreciate the full, rich sound I get from the earphones. I hear crisp sounds, full bass and plenty of detail. Sound is clear and balanced. I have used these on a recent flight to Hawaii and everything was blocked out except my sweet sounds! The earpieces are a tad long, but once you get used to them, you'll like the fit. There are 5 sizes of eartips so you can try them all until you find a good fit. Also, I like the 'flat' cord...almost like a ribbon. It has held up well being dragged in an out of its case (which is included).

Sacramento, CA


Beats by Dr. Dre Tour Earbud Headphones

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