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Beats Pill Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Overall pretty good speaker


Being the avid music lover that I am, I bought this Bluetooth portable Beat spill speaker with high hopes. So here is the lowdown: this speaker has amazing sound quality for high pitch, high frequency music. If you listen to artists such as Ellie Goulding, or techno or electronic genres of music, the quality is fantastic. It is amazingly crisp like you wouldn't believe, and the sound makes your heart sing. However, I feel like this speaker lets its listeners down with its total lack of bass. If you like R&B, hip hop, rock, etc., this speaker is probably not for you. I am so disappointed that it can't compete with other Bluetooth speakers in regards to low tones and bass. So, for sitting around the house listening to your techno music, this speaker is a dream, but if you want a portable party speaker with impressive bass, there are better options out there.



Beats Pill, the music cure-all


This little pill surprised me. For some reason I didn't trust wireless speakers because I assumed the sound quality had to be affected if it wasn't connected somehow. However, I was wrong. The sound quality is excellent, bluetooth connection is easy and the slim, compact device is perfect for my small room. I've only just started playing around with it so I'm not sure how it will sound in a larger room, but I'm assuming it will work just as well. The device also has the option to use input/output sources if you choose not to use the wireless bluetooth feature. Sound Quality Don't be deceived by its small size, the sound quality is very good for the tiny speaker. I use it to play music I stream from the internet and the quality is still very good. Battery Life I haven't used it long enough to test this out. I usually just keep it plugged in when I play music. Ease of Use The pill is super easy to use and connect to any device. Design Slim, compact and lightweight with a clean design!



Beats Pill Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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