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Bear River Pro Jogging Stroller

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Get something else - this isn't even worth FREE!


I received this jogging stroller free from a friend who had to get a double stroller for her two small children. Initially I thought this was a great gift but after just 5 short months of INFREQUENT use (including the time which my friend had it), one of the wheels fell off! After much tinkering, we got it to stay on - but only for a day or two! Otherwise it would squeak and was extremely hard to push. So needless to say you get what you DON'T pay for in this case! It wasn't even worth free! I'll be purchasing a REAL "pro jogger" stroller this weekend - NOT BEAR RIVER!! Also, if this could get 1/2 a star, it WOULD!!

Indianapolis, IN


I am very dissapointed in this stroller.


I expected this stroller to be more durable.  I have had flat tires from loose spokes.  It pulls to the left even when just walking.  I took it in to see if it could be fixed and it would cost more to fix than to buy a new one.  The new one will not be a Bear River Stroller

Des Moines, IA


Bear River Pro Jogging Stroller

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